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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

US rejects North Korea peace talk offers —accuses that country of war provocations — US hypocrisy

All the time the US has been running a campaign against North ( (Democratic People's Republic of) Korea, including new sanctions, it turns out that the DPRK began their nuclear test right after the US refused to negotiate peace with them. So this puts things in a whole new light.
President Barack Obama can open up relations with Cuba, but he can't give up US hopes of taking DPRK back into the imperialist camp. Once again we see naked imperialist aggression and hypocrisy. The US sheds crocodile tears over human right violations in that country, while they reject talks on normalizing relations, which could allow the US to help DPRK with their food shortages. That puts some of the blame on the nation that is making the most fuss about a country that "is starving its people" —the US.
This should be an opportunity for all progressives to call the US on this foreign affairs hypocrisy and example of the aggressive imperialist policies of the US.


According to Yahoo News/UPI:
North Korea began a fresh round of nuclear provocations after the United States turned down an offer of peace talks, a Russian diplomat said.
The source, who was not unidentified, told Russian news agency RIA Novosti that North Korea had hoped to restart a dialogue with Washington.
North Korea's optimism was dashed when the United States rejected the offer, according to the source.
"At present, North Korea is seeking talks with the United States, but the goal is not being realized," the source said.
"Each time their terms of negotiations are turned down, North Korea tests nuclear weapons."
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Tao Dao Man said...

I will be returning to ROK in 2 weeks for another 7 month stay.

The US always starts with a non starter that the DPRK has to first denuclearize before any talks can begin. The DPRK can never agree to this as it would then have no cards to play at the table.
China is now saying that this rhetoric has to change and that a peace treaty should be signed first.
Sanctions have not and will not work in the future. It only causes more misery and death for the people on the streets.
Does America even want peace or a reunified Korea?
No, because then there would be no reason to keep 15 military bases in ROK which encroach on China.
The ROK should unilaterally make their own Peace treaty with DPRK.
And stop bowing to the US.