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Wednesday, March 30, 2016


The following three poems are by Domingo Echárrez Requena
and from Grupo Cultural "Letras al porvenir"Argentina/
"Letters to the future" Argentina Cultural Group;

They have been translated into English from Google:

"Facing the imperial war"

Workers hate war,
It goes against our identity
and our interests
It goes against our brotherly essence,
but the lords of empires
are those imposed
the imperial war against humanity.
Resistance and solidarity
travels the world with the proletarian.
The People's War becomes urgent
to defeat the imperialist hatred.
The People's War today is slogan
of people who need to free.
The People's War calls us all !!!

"Long live the People's War in India !!!"

The People's War
burns in India
by clutches of fascists and oligarchs;
proletarian people's war,
fight against fascist putrid.
The people of India
It is up in arms
to embrace the dignity that seeks,
to nourish the chest of the poor
and conquer the fullest freedom.
The people of India
already know
the farce of traitors and cheats.
The people of India are struggling,
With people's war for justice,
for unity, for equality prosperous !!!

"The People's War extends today"

The putrid warlords
They hover with empires against the poor.
Today we take up arms,
to defend ourselves
to hatred and oppression,
and to achieve peace and freedom.
The People's War,
just people's war
It spans the world without borders.
the brothers of the people,
deploy strong fists and rifles:
to erect ideas of justice
And raise in triumph always, equity !!!

The originals as they appear in Spanish:

"Enfrentando a la guerra imperial"

Los trabajadores odiamos la guerra,
va en contra de nuestra identidad
y de nuestros intereses
va en contra de nuestra esencia fraternal,
pero los señores de los imperios
son quienes imponen
la guerra imperial contra la humanidad.
La resistencia y la solidaridad
recorre el mundo junto al proletario.
La guerra popular se torna urgente
para vencer al odio imperialista.
La guerra popular,hoy,es consigna
de pueblos que precisan libertarse.
¡La guerra popular nos llama a todos!!!

"La guerra popular se extiende hoy"

Los pútridos señores de la guerra
se ciernen con imperios contra el pobre.
hoy debemos empuñar las armas,
para defendernos
ante el odio y la opresión,
y para conquistar la paz y la libertad.
La guerra popular,
la justa guerra popular
se extiende por el mundo,sin fronteras.
Por eso,
los hermanos de los pueblos,
despliegan puños y fusiles firmes:
para erigir ideas de justicia
¡y alzar,en triunfo,siempre,la equidad!!!

Domingo Echárrez Requena
"¡Viva la guerra popular en la India!!!"

La guerra popular
arde en la India
por garras de fascistas y oligarcas;
la guerra popular del proletario,
combate contra pútridos fascistas.
El pueblo de la India
se alza en armas
para abrazar la dignidad que busca,
para nutrir el pecho de los pobres
y conquistar la libertad más plena.
El pueblo de la India
ya conoce
la farsa de traidores y tramposos.
El pueblo de la India está luchando,
¡con guerra popular,por la justicia,
por la unidad,por próspera igualdad!!!

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