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Monday, April 18, 2016

Ecuador hit by Earthquakes

We will be standing by for information from progressive organizations as to the latest event invents in Ecuador. The article below is a Google Translation from DAZIBAO ROJO.



A strong earthquake of 7.8 degrees hit the Ecuadorian coast. So far the number of victims has not been quantified objectively the extent that continue removing debris and with them the possibility of finding more bodies. The official figures speak of about 240 dead and over 1,600 injured.
The Front for the Defense of People's Struggles-Ecuador, sympathizes with the poor masses of the country victims of earthquake disaster.
The fact that the victims are mainly children of the people, inhabitants of popular neighborhoods, people of fragile homes, poorly constructed, etc., not a "lucky chance", but is an obvious answer to the difficult and pauperized ways our people live product of government neglect and of course, the casualization of the masses as a reflection of social antagonisms.
We reject and fought the politicians who today want electorally deal with the misfortune of the people issuing solidarity campaigns and speeches hollow and hypocritical.
Today thousands of Ecuadorians living in shantytowns have lost many relatives, but also their poor housing and few goods of daily use. We demand the government's response, not a gift or a handout, but as an obligation to the debt with the majority of the country.
The deepest love for our people, with it, our solidarity activist. Fortaleza to pain and a lot of rebellion against the old state and the ruling classes that have direct responsibility for the impact of natural disasters on the lives of the masses.

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