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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day after day...I watch the news...and get a head ache

This was written and posted a few days ago. After hearing the terrible news delivery of the major news outlets for the Republican National Convention, I thought this article was especailly relevant. It is bad enough we have a phoney democracy— a two party system, where the parties are only marginally different. But some news outlest treat the players as if they are rock stars at a concert. There is no real honest anylisis of these people or their party (Republican). --សតិវ អតុ

Day after day, I turn on my TV to see the early morning news. It is mostly Good Morning America(ABC) and it is more about celebrities than anything else. They have the latest boy band, or woman singer, or some woman that decided her voice was great so she video taped her singing the Star Spangle Banner at the Lincoln Memorial and it went viral (a phrase I'm beginning to get sick of). (This is especially relevant since the RNC had its own cutesy Star Spangle Banner singer.) An instant celebrity, easy as can be.
But what about actual news. It's there. buried beneath the next "Dances with the Stars" winners and other useless crap. Who gets blown up in a terrorist attack, who gets bombed in the middle east and who is ahead in the elections is only a small detail of the day.

I get a head ache watching that stuff. I can turn to other stations but they are just barely any different. So every station I watch in the morning gives me a head ache and I barely get any real news. I do learn about the latest air headed celebrities that I have no real interest in knowing anything about. Maybe if I were 13 again I would like this kind of news...but I'm not.

Are they News makers or the news itself?

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