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Sunday, July 17, 2016

More troops will be sent to shore up the US puppet government in Afghanistan

On one hand newspapers across the country are running an article called; Gen. John Nicholson: "U.S. support of Afghans could be game-changer." Such an article ran in our own local town newspaper; The Wichita Eagle. But is it really a game changer or does it just signal a prolonged presence in Afghanistan, a country already under US occupation?
Afghanistan is one clear and present example of US imperialism at its worst. This is a country still under military occupation by the US. It has a phoney democracy that limits elections to pro-US political parties. The US overran a recognized sovereign government, made up of Afghans in 2001, and replaced it with a US clone, a program now called "nation-building" a model that was first developed in Iraq. Such governments are likely to become more common if a Republican retakes the White House. However President Barack Obama is not waiting around for that. He has already allowed the military to send more troops to Afghanistan and they will be taking a greater role in the war. It's not a coincidence that Obama is also sending more troops to Iraq. This all means that the Afghan army, that the US military put together, lacks the will to fight for its own foreign occupation against an army made up strictly of Afghans.
Afghanistan is a country that has had to fight off invaders for most of its history. The likely hood of a US puppet democracy is never likely to gain the popularity and respect the US general dream of someday getting. Their dreams are more like pipe dreams. While the general below calls the extra troops a game-changer, we can easily see that it is more of a confession that the war is not working. The locals don't want to fight for their own enslavement by a foreign power and a phoney puppet government.
-សតិវ អតុ

From Military Times

KABUL, Afghanistan — President Obama's decision to allow more aggressive U.S. military action in support of Afghan combat operations against the Taliban could have a game-changing effect on the long war, Gen. John Nicholson, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, said Saturday.

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