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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Afghanistan Maoist will fight "imperialist occupiers"

This could mean that the Afghanistan Maoists will directly attack US Troops in that country. If so, this will be the fist time in years that a leftist group has taken on US Imperialism and its army directly. This site stands in solidarity with all Maoists who resist US Imperialism and aggression. -សតិវ អតុ


Google Translation from Spanish to English:

The Communist Party (Maoist) of Afghanistan has announced it will soon begin to fight the "imperialist occupiers", "fascism" and "obscurantism" of fundamentalists and against imperialism of any origin. Consistent with this position, after the US invasion of 2001, the PCA became promoter of the revival of a Maoist armed resistance against both but also the "Islamic theocratic reactionaries". Very soon the occupation troops NATO will have to fight not only against the Taliban and jihadists but also against the communist warriors. This is at least what follows a recent statement from the Communist Party (Maoist) Afghan, an underground formation created in 2004. "The match is about to begin the popular war in Afghanistan, whose specific character in the current situation is the of a revolutionary people's war against the imperialist occupiers and their puppet regime.

Thus concludes a statement from the PC (m) published on 15 July in "Shola Jawwid" (Eternal Flame), organ of the party to commemorate Comrade Azad, historical spokesman of the Indian Maoist guerrillas "Naxaliti" killed in action last first of July. The Communist Party (Maoist) Afghan whose leadership has been so far in the clandestinidad- is the fruit of a slow process of reunification and revitalization of the remains of the great Afghan Maoist movements of the 60s and 70s, then exterminated by philo-Soviet communists and the pro-American fundamentalists. A process that began after the Allied invasion of 2001, in order to install a war of national liberation "autonomous" in relation to Islamic armed groups and on behalf of a "third way" alternative foreign to both foreign occupation as Islamic theocracy.

"If the Afghan masses continue it thinking that the only alternatives are to surrender to the foreign occupier or support the Taliban and al-Qaida, the misery of our people will never end," reads a document from 2002. "Our party has autonomously decided to mobilize to resist the imperialist invasion as a necessary step towards a neodemocrática revolution in Afghanistan. However we consider as our enemies not only to the US imperialists and their allies, but also the reactionary theocratic-Islamic, the Taliban and jihadists are those who now control the country ".The PC (m) as a modern heir of Sholay (flames): Maoist militants progressive youth Organization (Sazman-e Jawanan-e Mutarraqi) created in 1965 by Akram Yari, a native Hazara master Jaghori (Ghazni) the Sholai -from name of its popular magazine Estudantil , Shola Jawid- born as a pro-Soviet youth protest movement against the monarchy of Zahir Shah, the Islamic fundamentalists of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and communism of the democratic Party of the Afghan people (PDPA) soon becoming the largest mass movement in the country .

Survivors of bloody persecution, repression of monarchical police and Islamic fundamentalist groups, Sholay Maoists were placed outside the law after the Communist coup of 1978: thousands were arrested, tortured and killed. Among them Ahram Yari, who nevertheless managed to leave an important political legacy through his disciple Faiz Ahmad, founder of the Organization for the Liberation of Afghanistan (OLA), Maoist armed group throughout the 80 fought the Soviet occupiers (formally entering the front of mujahedeen fighters for freedom) but soon came into conflict with Islamic fundamentalists of Hekmatyar. Were exactly the Mujahideen of Hekmayar which, in 1986, killed Ahmad Faiz, actually causing the dismemberment of OLA. From his ashes were born in the late 80s, several revolutionary Maoist movement and in 1991 the Communist Party of Afganisán (PCA) that recovered the "intervenor" tradition of Sholay Akram Yari against the NATO troops and the Taliban and warlords, leading the political process that led in 2004 to the creation of the PCA (m).

The revival of Maoism in Afghanistan is inserted into the widespread phenomenon of awakening of the communist armed movements in many poor countries of Asia. From rural India to Nepal, to the Philippines, Maoism has shown itself capable of interpreting the peasant and indigenous struggles against "raids" of multinationals and the injustices of global liberalism. In Afghanistan instead they proposed as an instrument of national liberation and as an alternative to the feudal theocracy: a not so unreal challenge considering the delayed Afghan society and the result of the failed experiment of Western democracy.

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