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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Full solidarity with the rebellion in Charlotte!

I haven't had time to write my own piece on this so I am borrowing from Workers World.  Even though they are another party with a different ideology, I agree in general with what they are saying. - សតិវអតុ 

Police and National Guard Out of Charlotte and Black & Brown communities! Full amnesty for all arrestees! Smash racist police terror and the capitalist system into the ground!

Sept. 22 — The revolutionary socialist Workers World Party presidential campaign of Monica Moorehead and Lamont Lilly expresses our full and complete solidarity with the uprising that broke out Sept. 20 in Charlotte, N.C. — the Wall Street of the South.
The heroic Black and Brown youth on the front lines of this tremendous and growing rebellion are inaugurating a new period of heightened struggle against the police war on Black and Brown people and the intolerable conditions imposed on oppressed communities in the belly of the beast. It is right to rebel!
At the time of this writing the rebellion is entering its third day after the city has been rocked by thousands taking to the streets, shutting down highways and expressing the righteous anger in response to the police murder of Keith Lamont Scott.
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