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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

He’s right—NATO is obsolete

By សតិវអតុ
If Donald Trump is right about anything it is that NATO is obsolete.[1] It was originally justified as a deterrent against the Soviet Union, the arch enemy of the US at the time it was created. Today this great threat is gone. But NATO has been expanded rather than dismantled. So today, the alliance is used more to instill the imperialist order than it is at protecting anyone. There is the so called “Russian threat” but we really don’t need all the weapons in all those countries just for that. Small countries that were once in the Soviet Block now get real cheap weapons in some-what of a welfare system that gives small countries their cheap or free arms.
As far as I’m concerned those small countries don’t need arms from our tax money. They can arm themselves. Countries such as Albania, Bulgaria and Estonia have no reason to be in NATO. Also none of the other countries in NATO, such as France, have any real enemies to worry about.
The more powerful NATO countries, such as France, have attacked the ISIS (Islamic State) territory in Syria and Iraq. NATO really isn’t threatened by ISIS. But the imperialist countries don’t want ISIS to muscle in on their neo-colonial territories and countries. NATO is now just an arm of European imperialism and a tool of US imperialism. It has nothing to do with defense and everything to do with imperialist enforcement. No one in NATO would dare change their system of government without feeling the “iron fist” of NATO.
Trump is not right about much, but he is right that NATO is obsolete and needs to go.  

[1] Actually Trump has back tracked on much of his earlier statements against NATO just a day ago, according to Rueters.

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