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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Italy- The Return of Communism

This looks interesting. I would go if I didn't live so far away. The whole idea of the return of communism is a good one. I'm not sure which factional leaning this is (Maoist, Trot, Stalin, etc.) What is important is that we keep looking for ways to promote communism. - សតិវអតុ

Viewpoint is proud to co-sponsor the Rome Conference on Communism, taking place in the eternal city from January 18-22, 2017. The conference entails a series of roundtable discussions with major figures in the history, practice, and theory of communism, as well as workshops bringing together younger activists and militants. In accordance with Viewpoint’s project to uncover forgotten left histories and prompt critical thinking about revolutionary possibility in our own conjuncture, we offer the following interviews with key conference participants, originally published in the Italian magazine Il Manifesto, as a way for our readers to engage with some of the ideas circulating at the conference, even if from afar. We wish to thank our translators and Riccardo Antoniucci for making the texts available to us in advance of the conference.

Reinventing Communist Politics | Sandro Mezzadra

Migration showed me, along with feminism, the strategic importance of “difference”; strategic in organizing the relations of domination and exploitation; but also strategic as a construction of the politics of liberation as well.
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László Moholy-Nagy, Am 7 (26), 1926

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