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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Book review of an unrepentant killer of those who defend their sovereignty

One of the biggest lies of this country today is that our soldiers are fighting for our freedom. They are not. They are fighting for an empire, and few Americans are willing to acknowledge that. Some other Americans have acknowledged it, but are willing to support it anyway because they believe it makes them safe. Some soldiers have come back from these battles, as with this one from Iraq, to tell the American people what is really been going on in their name. Others, as Kevin Lacz, have come back to regurgitate the lie that we are simply fighting terrorists. He considers those brave Iraqis who fought for their country's sovereignty to be terrorists. He won't even give them the dignity of calling them insurgents. He just labels all resistance to the US Empire as terrorism. That is why I'm glad to be reposting this article from Cuestionatelotodo. This article was in Spanish so I had to translate it into English using Google. Sometimes those translations aren't as accurate as I'd like them to be. But this book review shows how unrepentant this killer of people's freedom is today.


The latest sniper: apology for state terrorism

Recently a book was published in Spain, by Kevin Lacz, former marksman of US Seal Navy, " The last sniper ", which tells how he killed during the US invasion (and its allies) from Iraq to the resistant population . 

As stated in his book, his point of view has not moved a millimeter. " They were terrorists. Not me. I don't regret that I killed them
, neither before or now."  He repeats the justification, so fashionable today, the army resisting an invasion consists of terrorists, not insurgents. 

Lacz was part of an elite group formed, according to military science of the imperialist countries, " from that 2% of soldiers who have no remorse about killing " or, as the verb used by the author of the book, "hunting" the enemy. 

Lacz fought with the Navy Seal United United for seven months in the battles of Ramadi and Fallujah (Iraq) and writes that he has not lost deep hatred for Iraq's defenders; Lacz, doing something very typical of the aggressors to criminalize the beaten up and cleanse their conscience, puts them All in the sack of al-Qaeda, although the Iraqi resistance, insurgency or guerrilla comprised a series of civilian or military movements, from Communists, Baath Party or Islamists (the latter emerged, precisely after the American aggression ). 

" What I want to explain in LiBr or" states who itself is a real terrorist state carte blanche to "hunt" or "kill", passing by lining international law and human rights, " is to what extent were bad the guys that we were hunting . " The bloodthirsty little guy keeps saying (without thinking, or not caring that his own words define the criminal US Army, used to bomb cities or villages to demoralize the population, technique pioneered by the Nazis in Guernica): " These were not people who loved his community and cared for their children. No. These were terrible types. they killed en masse civilians to instill fear in the villages. I felt no compassion for the individual who pointed ".
The degenerate murderer in the pay of Washington, who hides his mercenary work after an alleged false consciousness and love of country, but says at the end that, despite everything, " however hard you gave them, they returned once again a and again ". It is what you have to defend your battered people, something that a hit man of the US imperialist army will never be able to understand. 

The figures of what such Lacz understood as " hunt terrorists " are: Lancet 2006 survey estimated the victims of the Iraq war in 654,965 Iraqis killed since March 2003 until the end of June 2006. An investigation of the Survey of Business Survey (ORB) conducted on January 28, 2008 estimated at 1,033,000 victims of the invasion of Iraq. 

On the other hand, the free publication in Spain of books in which it is made an apology for imperialist terrorism (this is a paradigmatic case), contrasts with the police-judicial diligence in pursuing the opinions of individuals against capitals of fascist state terrorism, as it was The Admiral Carrero Blanco. One more proof, not less repugnant, of the class nature of Spanish democracy and the type of terrorism that protects and defends it.

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