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Saturday, February 04, 2017


Translated to English from Google:

"If they let me, I would tell them that the main thing in the elections is to boycott them and, if possible, to prevent them. What will the people gain? Nothing, nothing will win with the electoral renewal That I think is a very clear thing in the history of the country " President Gonzalo

Once again the country has entered the electoral campaign in the face of the presidential elections to be held on 19 February this year.

Once again our people are forced to attend a purulent electoral process whose content has become a true mirror that reflects the way the old bourgeois-landowner democracy operates.

The struggle between the comparative bourgeoisie and the bureaucratic bourgeoisie has reached its peak.

The Alianza País regime once again reissues its alliances with the sectors of capitulatory syndicalism, indigenous movement and domesticated peasantry; With certain "revolutionary" parties trained, such as the opportunist PCE; Socialist, and even with some sectors of the comprador bourgeoisie that do not see with "bad eyes" the governmental management of the regime from which it has benefited.

From the "other side", two fronts. One, the rancid comprador bourgeoisie represented by the banker Lasso, the most recalcitrant expression of banking and large landowners. At the same time Cinthya Viteri, from Madera de Guerrero, another manifestation of the comprador bourgeoisie intertwined with the great importers, merchants and also with the landowners.

As a center position to the left, the so - called unity of the Left, an eclectic coalition that seeks toappear as a "third way", something like the dustbin of opportunist and revisionist left that aúpa to "Popular Unity" (extinct MPD) , The ambiguous indigenism of Pachakutik, some survivors of the Democratic Left, the self-styled "social movements" and the corporatist residues of the armed forces led by retired general Paco Moncayo, presidential candidate. This "unity" mired in abject pragmatism is what President Gonzalo said, " a real coladera of contradictions as collusion and conflict What unites them ? The collusion, the pursuits, follow the path of parliamentary cretinism."

The inter-bourgeois contradictions exposed in the current campaign have been marked by the mutual accusations of corruption presented in the management of oil concessions (Petroecuador), and of course, all the rotting that revolves around the construction company Oderbech that sprinkles some and others ; The scamming of accounts of the e-mails of some of the candidates, and the presence of recycled candidates from the "junk" programs of national television.

Such degradation occurs precisely when elections are crucial for reaction to complex scenarios such as those unfolding in the international arena, where inter-imperialist contradictions are tempered with bloody violence, forcing a new repartija and with it a new realignment of The semi-colonies, particularly within the new plans of the US imperialist superpower and the Russian imperialist power.

The importance of these elections is also marked by the interest of the bureaucratic bourgeoisie to deepen the state reform that has had serious setbacks in the face of the abrupt fall of the price of oil, without whose income, reform, has been constrained, Not allowing the temporary reactivation of bureaucratic capitalism, which by the way falls vertiginously.

The deep crisis that afflicts the old state and that is exposed in a clear way in the greater pauperización in the levels of life of our town, is taken advantage of by the candidates of different laya to vomit its market of electoral offers vitiated of the most aberrant and insane populism . It is worth mentioning how much and what each of the presidential candidates offers, all of them, trafficking with the will of our people, which in one way or another is still aligned and transits the path that marks the old democracy through elections.

The old bourgeois-landowner state, today as yesterday, manifested as a true bureaucratic-military machinery, in recent weeks has shown its high degree of decomposition, not only at a structural level, but also in the order of its political and governmental organization . The entrails of the present fascist regime is spurious, it shows itself as rotten, repressive, defoliation, demagogue, surrender, it comes from the previous regimes, carrying with it, besides repression, exploitation and misery, the subsistence of a transversal axis typical of the semicolonies Semifeudales: corruption.

" Only scoundrels or fools can believe that the proletariat must first win the majority vote made under the yoke of the bourgeoisie, under the yoke of wage slavery, and only then should seize power. This is the height of stupidity or hypocrisy, this is to replace the class struggle and revolution by voting under the old regime, under the old power ... " Lenin

Marxism has contributed scientifically to define clearly what is democracy, who serves and how it operates in the field of superstructure. But Marxism-Leninism-Maoism has also been able to delineate what the tasks of the communists and the consensual element in the bosom of the people with regard to these bourgeois democratic processes.

Engels argued that democracy is the logical form of bourgeois rule ; and Marxism - Leninism coined a definition and clear role of elections and bourgeois parliamentarianism when it identifies that "every few years which members of the ruling class to oppress and crush the people in Parliament: this is the true essence of parliamentarism bourgeois "aspect that has been fully evident in the bourgeois-landlord democracy in Ecuador where the people estranged and alienated either by the relations of production as permanent work that makes the old state in the field of consciousness, to the Lack of correct ideological direction, has recurrently moved under the shadow of Pharisee democracy believing that from the electoral processes can choose their leaders who perched in the presidency or assembly, will solve their problems and their requirements.

The Communists are clear that " parliamentarism has historically obsolete " is the truth, but we know that we, the masses, yet is permeable to electoral processes, to that extent it behooves us to " tell the bitter truth, telling them that their Prejudices, but at the same time, you should calmly observe the real state of consciousness and preparation of the whole class (and not only of its communist vanguard), of the entire working mass only of their advanced individuals) . " (Lenin); We must spread the role of elections, how they intend to sell us the idea that by voting we are "sovereign" and "elected" our legitimate representatives.

 It is up to us to say and demonstrate in fact how this bourgeois democracy is at the service of the big bourgeoisie, big landowners and imperialism; That the only democracy that is useful to the masses exploited in countries like ours: semicolonial and semi-feudal, is the one that is endorsed or constructed in the New Democracy revolution, which is the structural and organizational expression of the economy, political, social , Cultural of the new state of joint dictatorship, worker-peasant-petit bourgeoisie, where the ideological role of the proletariat is fundamental because it guarantees the transit to socialism. That outside the state system, a joint dictatorship, there is nodemocracy that responds to their interests.

The Communist Manifesto also lays down the conditions which must travel the way for the liberation of the oppressed masses from oppression and exploitation: "[Communist] openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow the entire social order existing. " and you have to understand, that old existing social order and oppressing the masses can never be demolished from the vote, since the amphora, with soft and evasive measures or reformist governments, that to do so, the people with proletarian leadership must , Necessarily and inevitably, to wage its war, which is a people's war, which alone can bury not only the old democracy, but the old state as a whole, the old power of the big bourgeoisie and the big landowners, A resounding defeat to Yankee imperialism, fundamentally.


 This powerful war cry issued by the Communist Party of Peru summarizes what the strategic tasks of the proletariat are. To impose, with people's war, the democratic road before the old road of reaction, the bureaucratic road.

While it is true that the present levels of organization of the masses and their vanguard, the proletariat, do not allow us to confront the elections since the people's war, today we must fight to combat the electoral process as a substantial component of the great Strategic Construction Plan Simultaneous and concentric of the three instruments for the revolution: party, front and popular army.

Promoting NO VOTE allows us to unmask the class character of the elections. There is no void or blank vote, because in any case, we vote, and in doing so we endorse the old instrument of domination with which the reaction counts to keep our people oppressed, alienated, trapped outside the struggle of Classes and the people's war, that is, outside the democratic path.


NOT VOTING is an important slogan and action, but it is passive, consequently it must go hand in hand with actions that explain to the masses why not do it.

NOT VOTING is important, disdain of the old democracy and its bureaucratic way, but to that slogan must be made much more combative, which is complemented by direct action of the masses, therefore also BOICOTEAR ELECTIONS, and, as President Gonzalo says, if possible, HAVE TO PREVENT THEM.


  • Exposing the class character of elections, how they serve to revive the old bourgeois democracy landowner, and that it is incompatible with the requirements of the proletariat and other exploited classes.
  • Exposing the revisionist left from the pseudo - revolutionary discourse calls the masses to participate in the elections. Likewise to opportunism, which, riding on trade union, peasant and popular organizations, dragged the masses to the rank of bourgeoisie in the outdated electoral democracy.
  • Display a massive campaign by NO VOTE, boycotting the elections. To ignore the constitutionalist dreams of the big bourgeoisie, great landowners and their leaders in the heart of the people: revisionism.
VOTE NO. BOYCOTT ELECTIONS, a complex but necessary task. Subject to our short-term capabilities and constraints, we must do it, no matter how far we go in that task, we must deploy it, execute it, it is our responsibility facing the class struggle, revolution and the conquest of power.You have to understand this well, boycotting the elections is also a problem of principles, war, Lenin argued: " The boycott is a frank declaration of war the old power, a direct attack on him" that do, declare war To the old landed bourgeois state boycotting the most relevant symbol of the old democracy: the elections.







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