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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

India- Communiqué of the PCI (M): Dare to win and to conquer the victory—Part 2

A Google Translation:
Dear comrades and friends!
The Indian ruling classes, and especially Brahmanic-Hindu nationalist forces in power clad in the disguise of parliamentary democracy or, in other words, state terrorism and nationalist terrorism, have unleashed a fierce attack on the Revolutionary movement with the help of the imperialists.
The No. 1 enemy of the world's peoples, the United States, faces serious problems inside and outside its territory. This country, the most indebted in the world, is plunged into a debt of 20 trillion dollars. To maintain its hegemony as a world gendarme, the United States spends $ 100 billion a year on hundreds of military bases in strategic areas of 70 countries, which provokes the wrath of those peoples. The United States spares no effort when it comes to opposing China, which begins to profile itself as a global competitor. The US has carried out numerous military actions to maintain tension in the South China Sea. The rivalry continues to grow among the United States, China, Russia and other imperialist countries in their struggle to sack the oil wealth of 20 Arab countries in North Africa and the Middle East. Under the pretext of defending the people, taking dictators out of power and ending terrorist groups, the United States, France and the NATO armies have carried the fire of war and destruction to these countries. According to UN estimates, more than 300,000 people have died to date in the Syrian war. In turn, hundreds of thousands of people have been forced to emigrate to Europe, where they face untold penalties. Lots of people lose their lives as they try to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Hundreds of civilians are killed in drone attacks by the United States and other imperialist countries in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Palestine, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria and the Philippines. With these policies, the United States causes an increasing cholera in the peoples of the world.
The United States also faces considerable internal problems. His government has been forced to reduce social spending. All the popular sectors are carrying out strikes in their respective areas. Some 40 million people (almost 12% of the population) live on food stamps. The government is forced to request new loans to pay the salaries of officials. African Americans, who have lived in the US for centuries, face multiple discrimination. Only in 2015, about 600 blacks were killed. The anger of the black population can not be greater. They have begun to carry out armed attacks against the police. Thousands of people in dozens of cities have taken to the streets to protest against this situation. Discontent is increasing among Americans.
The situation of the other imperialist and industrialized countries is no better than that of the United States. Greece is unable to overcome the debt crisis in which it is plunged. In France, the workers' strikes, on the one hand, and the ISIS attacks, on the other, follow one another as the population loses its confidence in government policies. The people suffer from unemployment, pension cuts and social expenses, etc. It is true that Britain's departure from the EU is an expression of popular aspirations, but it is also a reflection of the growth of right-wing forces. Mobilization and popular struggles are also increasing in Europe.
The result of all this is that the crisis of the world imperialist system is called to become ever deeper and to provoke a serious conflict between the imperialist forces, exacerbating the confrontation between them by the distribution of the world market.
The economic and financial crisis affecting the imperialist countries since 2008 has generated chaos in all countries of the world and created a huge social crisis, giving rise to a multiplicity of workers' movements, as well as nationalities and oppressed peoples. The imperialists are fomenting a cocktail of fascism, religion and patriotism in order to liquidate these movements, the people and popular policies. Nationalist forces at the central power promoted, on the one hand, cultural chauvinism and fascist attacks, and secondly, the implementation of the program called India Vision 2020, which aims to satisfy the interests of big Companies and destroy the country's economic system.
During the first term of the National Democratic Alliance [NDA, its acronym in English], led by the BJP, and launched the slogan Shining India. Now the brilliant propaganda slogan is Make in India. Under the program Vision 2020, India Modi and company have launched various projects, such as the smart cities, Start-up India, Stand-up India, Mudra Yojana, digital India, Skill India, RURBAN, etc. In order to develop these preferential projects, to restructure the entire Indian economy and to serve the interests of the imperialists, the comprador comprador bourgeoisie and the landlords, Modi has created the NITI (National Institute for Transformation of India), in quality Of commission of planning. With the funds budgeted for these projects, they have drawn up plans to do away with the Maoists. They are using these funds to try to crush the revolutionary movement we are leading. Modi has traveled to more than 40 countries and has signed hundreds of memorandums of understanding with large multinationals to plunder the wealth of our country. Since Modi came to power, India's economy has become increasingly dependent on the American.
National-Hindu forces act without any hitch since the BJP came to power. They force the faithful of other religions to accept that "Hindu customs and traditions are national heritage." National-Hindu education has long been imposed in the states where the BJP governs. In the schools of Gujarat, from the time that Modi ruled there, students of 5th grade are taught the Savarkar theory, according to which "Vedic Hinduism is at the root of Indian civilization." 10th grade students are taught that the Varnashrama Dharma [the social class system of Brahmanic literature] is the greatest blessing received from the Aryans. Vidya Bharati, a member of the Sangh Parivar, does not fail in his efforts to propagate national-Hindu ideology. National-Hindu forces are modeling education at will, using the power of the state and various organizations and forums. The impressionable minds of young people are taught a story full of misinterpretations and misrepresentations. They are cramming the future generation of brahmanical ideology. This danger increases day by day in the adivasis zones.
National-Hindu forces resort to violence and murder against Dalits, Adivasis and religious minorities to force them to accept Brahmanism. Crimes for this reason do not stop growing thanks to the protection of the State. Through proselytism they try to convert Hinduism to those who profess another religion. Many organizations participate in this kind of activities under the patronage of Sangh Parivar. Every day new associations and groups of this type appear that are dedicated to propagate the national-Hinduism behind a facade of social harmony. Since Modi, in the center, and Devendra Fadnavis, in Maharastra, came to power, is constantly acclaimed to BR Ambedkar and try to present themselves as the Dalit messiahs. The Dalits have risen in arms in Gujarat against the attacks of the upper castes and are organizing at the local level a protest movement for social justice. People from all sectors and across the country have condemned these attacks and supported the demonstrations. In Gujarat, many Dalit writers have returned their prizes.
The Hinduization of Adivasis throughout the country has long since begun. Measures have been taken to evacuate them from the jungle. As everything is for sale in India, the Modi government also intends to sell the forests. The constitutional projects to protect the rights of adivasis, as well as various laws of different governments, such as the Law on the Prevention of Atrocities against certain castes and tribes, the SPFS, the New Forest Policy, the Law of Leases of Chota Nagpur , etc. Have ended up in the trash bin. Instead, new laws are being passed, such as the Jharkhand Housing Act, which grants the same rights, in relation to the land, to non-indigenous people settled there in the last 30 years as members of The tribes, which creates the conditions for the displacement of the adivasis and the looting of the forest wealth. National-Hindu forces have intensified their cultural aggression to absorb Adivasis in Hinduism. Chowdaries, Bhils and Gamiths, who were adivasis before the Modi regime, have been Hinduized, and Ram has been added as a surname to the adivasis names. In religious schools in Adivasis, no one who prays for Hindu prayers is allowed to eat. Institutions are being implemented vanavasi [welfare and religious proselytism] with the objective of bringing the adivasis to the fold of the community. Those who participated actively in both the 2002 pogrom in Gujarat and in the attack on the Adivasis Christians in Kandhamal in 2008. Incorporated into the ranks of the Sendra, the Salva Judum or the forces of the CoBRA Commands, adivasis are the flesh of Cannon used to combat the revolutionary movement. The government of the NDA has taken the decision to create special battalions integrated by adivasis. Adivasis masses across the country oppose such a government decision. The Adivasis intellectuals, the democrats, and the truly lay groups are on the side of the adivasis and sympathize with them.
National-Hindu forces are dedicated to attacking the Muslims of India since the division of the country. These forces are mainly responsible for the many riots that erupted in many parts of the country between communities in the last two years.
After Modi's arrival in power, former convicted national-Hindu convicts have come out of prisons full of arrogance and haughtiness. The people have clearly understood that the state defends and protects the national-Hindu forces, when assassins and criminals such as Sadhvi Pragya Thakur or those involved in the massacre of the Gulbarg Society, are on the loose in the streets.
Many federal governments have banned beef. Under this pretext and on the basis of false allegations, National-Hindu forces violently attack Muslims. Many young Muslims are accused of being terrorists, separatists or members of the Pakistani secret service (ISI) and imprisoned on false accusations. The people are no doubt realizing that "saffron terrorism" (that is, national-Hinduism) is becoming a threat to the country's internal security.
The barbarism of state terrorism has been unleashed in the zones of implantation of the revolutionary movement in the east and center of India in order to end any vestige of democracy. The aim of this police state that directs the BJP's fascist government is to eliminate political opponents, accusing them of Maoists or sympathizing with the Maoists. It is possible to establish a real democracy, something that happens to destroy the violence of the State, turning the revolutionary movement into a political alternative.
To be continued….-->
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Anonymous said...

Are these the same Indian communist savages that machete innocent women and children to death for being members of the wrong "caste" that we so often read about? What the fuck is wrong with you? Why do you always support murderous hordes that butcher innocents? You're a really sick fuck, you know that?

SJ Otto said...

It is easy to troll when you don’t say who you really are. Your comments might be taken seriously if you said who you are. The communist want to abolish the caste system. They have no reason to kill anyone. The Maoists are very popular in the forgotten rural areas of India. What is sick is believing the same system that has been keeping most people poor for centuries will now magically make everyone rich. Capitalism doesn’t do that. India may be the first new country to finally free all its poor people. That is not sick, it is the future.