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Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Communiqué of the Paraguayan People's Army (EPP)

A Google Translation:
Popular movements in the struggle for land, bread, fair wages, decent roofs, free education, have suffered repressive coups and, in many cases, their organizations have been annihilated. Any peaceful demonstration or occupation of land drown them in blood, as in the case of Curuguaty Campos Morumbi, in which compatriots fought peacefully for their legitimate right to have a piece of land, on which to cultivate to feed their children, have been riddled With automatic weapons, helicopters, armored vehicles. And the survivors condemned unjustly and arbitrarily to almost forty years in prison. While the family of Blas N. Riquelme, who has fraudulently obtained these lands, has all the protection and support of the Government and the armed wing of the rich.

Jalil Rachid, as dog loyal to the oligarchy, has condemned them arbitrarily and disgustingly, without proof and without respecting due process. As a reward for his filthy and dirty work the government promoted him to Deputy Minister of Security.
Neither the charges nor the protection he may have will be sufficient armor against the Paraguayan guerrilla force.

In the struggle for land, the peasant class has lost a lot. 4% of the land is in the hands of humble farmers that has been reduced to 240,000. While 2.5%, which is the wealthy class, owns 85% of the best land. Of which 60% belongs to foreigners. Peasant communities evicted from their lands by Brazilian farmers.
Successive governments, as well as their armed wing, police, military, judges, prosecutors, throughout our history, have clearly demonstrated that their function is to guarantee and protect the assets and peace of the oligarchs.

The popular movements will not win victories if the combat continues going peasant groups armed with clubs to fight against a modern and well trained and equipped enemy force. Drawing their conclusions from the actions of the professionalized guerrilla fighters we can see clearly which is the correct line. In these years of struggle the Erupist guerrillas have convulsed the country and produced a great number of casualties to the enemy and the great demoralization of their ranks. And the guerrilla, despite the ferocious extermination campaigns against it, continues to remain strong and expanding.
To reactionary violence, we oppose revolutionary violence.

We call on the working class, peasants, students and indigenous people to join this great national cause to liberate the poor from the oligarchic parasites, who are responsible for the misery in which our people are living.

Agrarian reform now!

Earth for the peasants!

Long live the struggle of the poor people!

Long live EPP!

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