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Thursday, February 09, 2017

India- Communiqué of the PCI (M): Dare to win and to conquer the victory—Part 3

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Dear comrades and friends,

When speaking of international terrorists, the people point their accusing finger at warmongers like Bush, Blair and Obama. Similarly, the people have become increasingly clear that the real terrorists of our country are Modi, Amit Shah, Mohan Bhagawat and the rest of the national-Hindu patulea. These forces are incapable of tolerating any progressive or rational thinking. The governments of the BJP, through their security forces, are carrying out special campaigns and missions to end the revolutionary forces. Kashmir's youth are wildly murdered for asking for Azad Kashmir's independence. The death toll is already over 60. In an unprecedented decision, the curfew has been imposed throughout the Kashmir valley for forty days in a row. Students, intellectuals, artists and writers are protesting in various ways against the intolerance of national-Hindu forces.

The ordinary people are going through unprecedented hardships because of the neoliberal economic policies that have been adopted by successive governments in the last two decades. The people are the main victims of the high prices of consumer products. Unemployment continues to grow. Hundreds of thousands of workers have lost their jobs as a result of the privatization of many public sector industries, including the defense sector, carried out by the Modi government. From Indira Gandhi to Modi, the rights of the workers, won at the cost of enormous sacrifices, have been systematically trampled, however much they repeat the mantra of "Shramev Jayate." Rising prices of essential services such as health and food, and the repeal or reduction of social protection measures are negatively affecting workers and peasants.

Praising the peasants, Modi has promised to double his income before 2022. Marathwada peasants have already replied that their current income is zero, which doubled, makes two zeros. Agricultural experts have produced statistics showing that the annual income of the Indian peasant is currently 20,000 rupees, which, multiplied by two, do not even reach the two-month salary of a fourth-grade employee. Lawyers, doctors, students, civil servants, workers, social workers, farmers, women and employees in the rest of the sectors are facing neoliberal economic policies.
The central government has celebrated its two years in power. So in Bilaspur, the central government's Interior Minister, Rajnath Singh, called on the Maoists to give up arms and engage in talks. He also warned that the government would no longer be a silent spectator. Another minister, Venkayya Naidu, announced that there would be no dialogue with those who did not accept the Constitution. This is the attitude of the government in relation to the negotiations. Our Party has never refused to speak if dialogue serves the interests of the Revolution. Our Party has already made it clear that it will enter into talks whenever the repression of the armed forces ceases, the illegalization of the Party is lifted, the imprisoned comrades are released and we are formally invited to dialogue. Recently, when the FARC in Colombia renounced fifty years of armed struggle and signed an agreement with the government, some forces in our country urged us to imitate them. The revisionists, the Indian government and some liberal intellectuals argued in 2006 that Indian Maoists should also emulate Maoist Nepali when they abandoned the path of armed struggle and engulfed themselves in the quagmire of parliamentary politics. That seemed to be the ideal way forward. But what has history shown us? What benefits has the Nepalese people derived from it? There is also the negative experience of northeastern organizations, which have for many years been entangled in useless conversations with the Indian government. Recently, Irom Sharmila also ended his long hunger strike, sixteen years old, disillusioned with peaceful methods and non-violence. Needless to say you have forgotten the interests of the people of Manipur. What really happens is that the people of our country have lost faith in any bourgeois or revisionist party and have chosen the path of struggle to solve their problems. The crisis is deepening in the world imperialist-capitalist system and in the semifeudal and semicolonial system of our country. The objective conditions are becoming favorable for the Revolution. We are confident that we will achieve more victories in the future. Let's fight with determination.

Dear comrades,

l serve the interests of the imperialists, the comprador big bourgeoisie and the big landowners, the basic policy of the Indian ruling classes in the repression against the revolutionary movement and the people, the encirclement operations and cleaning, and White terror, is not to be limited to normal repressive measures. The most important element of this policy is political and ideological attacks. The enemy can not achieve its objectives by resorting only to repression, without at the same time waging an ideological and psychological war.

The objective of all the repressive measures and ideological pressure that the imperialists and their lackeys of the Indian ruling classes impose on the revolutionaries and the people is very clear: to cling to power and to repress the popular struggle that defies its hegemony until it ends And make the people accept their semi-colonial and semi-feudal system, that is, submit to its system. This is the essence of the low-intensity conflict policy, which is materialized in practice with various measures. Without going into whether they can actually carry out these policies effectively or if they produce the desired results, we can say with certainty that this set of measures will not be a decisive factor in the outcome. On the contrary, the ideological and political force, as well as the policies of the revolutionaries themselves, will play a decisive role. Their views and the way they are put into practice demonstrate this. Therefore, the policies of revolutionaries and not those of the enemy are the decisive factor.

The enemies of class are not really very strong because we are in a class war. Yes, this is a class war between oppressors and oppressed; Between exploiters and exploited; Between rich and poor; Between hungry and hoarders; Between the imperialists, the landowners and the comprador comprador bourgeoisie, on the one hand, and the workers and peasants, on the other. This is a war between justice and injustice. This war has begun because of private property, exploitation and a type of society divided into classes. This situation will only come to an end with the abolition of private property, exploitation and classes. The class struggle is an objective reality independent of the wishes of the classes. Classes can not end these wars. Only those who understand this fact can fight for classless communist society, which will put an end to all wars. Only they can mold their ideology and their political practice according to this criterion. This is precisely what is called class consciousness. The dominant and exploiting classes, the repressors of the people and their mercenary forces will be able to shout to the four winds that they will erase the mountains and the forests or that they will end the Naxalites in India and that the Maoists will never triumph. On the contrary, defeat or victory depends on the objectives and firmness of the people struggling in the forests, plains, villages and cities. The ideology of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism asserts that this is the stage of revolutions. Even the ruling classes say that the twenty-first century is the century of revolutions and are preparing to take preventive measures with which to suppress them. And this is so because they have not left the people more than hunger, poverty and injustice. Its exploitative economic system is at the origin of everything. The ruling classes know perfectly well that the people will rebel against this situation. In today's modern society, their "democratic" governments can only distract the people's attention from the truly important issues, but they can not solve the problems they face. Its goal is to maintain the status quo of the exploitative system and suppress popular discontent and revolutionary violence that the people themselves organized. Therefore, they constantly try to study the weaknesses of the revolutionary movement to beat him. The ruling classes also know their weaknesses and also try to correct them. However, they will never crown their success with success because all their interests are based on exploitation. We know our strengths and our weaknesses and also against whom we fight. We can certainly overcome our weaknesses. This is the reason why we proclaim that they can not defeat us or the broad masses, that can not defeat the people's war and that, without a doubt, we will win. Only through the people's war can the multiple ideological, political, military, social and cultural aggression that the imperialists and their lackeys, that is, the bureaucratic comprador bourgeoisie and the big landowners, have unleashed against the oppressed, this It is the workers, the peasants and the middle classes. The class enemies can impose a very bloody war, but the people's war will not rest until its complete liquidation and the victory of the oppressed.

Quoting Lenin, Mao appealed to "Dare to fight and conquer victory!". In formulating these appeals, it becomes clear that it is not enough to dare to fight, but rather to dare to win. To win we must have firmness and courage. This requires a special desire. Until the revolution triumphs, we have to analyze in detail all that we do not initially understand and advance until the new democratic society emerges from the ashes of this exploitative system. And move further towards socialist and communist societies. Firmness and audacity must be such as to make it possible to glimpse the whole journey to the victorious Revolution and to end the semicolonial and semi-feudal system in countries such as India and the imperialist system, which is not only destroying the lives of billions of people , But has become a serious threat to the very survival of humanity.

We undertake the following tasks for the year ahead in order to overcome the difficult situation we face and make better use of the excellent revolutionary situation, increasingly favorable to the Revolution in India and around the world.


- Let's defeat the third phase of Operation Green Hunt, as well as plans Mission-2016 Bastar and Action Plan Saranda, as part of this operation! We must advance to achieve more victories in the people's war in order to fulfill the central task. We must analyze the experiences of the people 's war last year to face the third phase of Operation Green Hunt, as well as plans Mission-2016 Bastar and Action Plan Saranda, which are part of that operation. We must extract the positive and negative lessons of these experiences after analyzing and synthesizing them. We must formulate plans, tasks and tactics appropriate to achieve more victories. We must also devise appropriate methods of the mass line to unify the will and capabilities of our people's war.

- Consolidate the Party committees at all levels through the Bolshevization campaign.

- Celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and the uprising of Naxalbari, the centenary of the Soviet Socialist Revolution that shocked the world, and the bicentenary of the birth of the international proletarian master Karl Marx, with all the revolutionary enthusiasm!

- Concentrate on the revolutionary land reform, which is the basis of the R development of New Democracy.

The revolutionary land reform is the essential basis of the development of New Democracy. The reform will liberate the peasant masses, who represent the majority of the population, economically, politically and culturally. This is the way to earn the unwavering support of the peasant masses and to achieve the success of the development of New Democracy through protracted people 's war. The pantomime of the agrarian reforms of the reactionary ruling classes no longer works and, as a result, they do as if by means of their liberal economic policies they have sought some relief from the landless peasants who can not afford to buy them. In this context, our revolutionary agrarian reform will create favorable conditions for the Revolution.

- Let us mobilize the people on a large scale, as in the Lalgarh and Narayanapatna movements, against imperialist neoliberal policies, displacements and other political, economic and social issues! Let revolutionary and democratic organizations, forces and individuals build a powerful grassroots popular movement, mobilizing the masses!

- Build a powerful militant movement unifying the revolutionary forces, democratic and progressive forces and organizations, minorities and lay forces, against Hindu-Brahmanic fascism.

- Let us build a broad popular movement by uniting the people on various fronts around issues such as Adivasis, Dalits, women and religious minorities!

- Let's save democracy! Let's fight against the enemy forces in uniform and the counterrevolutionary and reactionary bands that trample human rights!

Our Party defends and promotes democracy and human rights. It respects all kinds of rights and freedoms, such as freedom of expression, association, organization, etc.

- Let us be united with the struggles of the Kashmiris, nagas, manipures, asomes, bodos and other nationalities that fight for the right to self-determination and the right to secession!

Support the worldwide anti - imperialist movement! Let us move in solidarity with him in India!

With revolutionary greetings,

Central Committee,

PCI (Maoist)
July 28, 2016

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