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Saturday, April 29, 2017

A few thoughts on the up-coming US- North (Democratic People's Republic) Korea War

By សតិវ អតុ
The fact that the US is this one big government/ empire on the planet Earth becomes obvious every time the US takes on a so called "rogue regime." In reality "rogue" really means a nation we don't control with our empire. North (Democratic People's Republic) Korea is one of those countries. It can easily justify its need for nuclear weapons as the US had invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and is in the process of attempted regime change in Syria. The US under all its former leaders and President Donald Trump are trying to create a one world empire where no country anywhere will dare to oppose the will of the US. That includes its insistence that all nations respect "free enterprise" and US style "democracy" were a few political parties chose corporate flunkies to be approved by the nation's people. This is not really a democracy that allows people to decide how they live, but a system to decide who will run their lives for the next four to six years.
Trump just doesn't seem to worry at all about the impact of corporations as they take over our lives. The environment, clean water, clean air, preservation of our national wild life treasures and even climate change are all on the chopping block to the US God of Commerce. He and his party are already willing to sacrifice the lives of thousands or even millions to get a cushy health system that satisfies the upper and upper middle classes.
So I can easily see Trump sacrificing the lives of millions of people, maybe even more on the side of the north, to turn the DPR Korea into an extension of its southern colony neighbor. As we have seen in Afghanistan, human life means little to Trump.
Keeping him from invading the North will be a difficult undertaking. Trump is  a monster and it won't bother him to be one of the world's worst war criminals in this century.
Here are a few more thoughts about the possible up-coming Trump- North Korean War:

Trumps 100 days minus one : Washington’s actions and rhetoric are pushing the region to the “brink of war,” North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho wrote in a letter to ASEAN’s chief Le Luong Minh from Vietnam.

“[Trump’s] not someone who fills me with confidence,” Sawers told the BBC.

“He doesn’t have the background and the experience and the instincts of being an effective US president, but it is in our interests that we have a US administration that upholds the international system, that supports its allies and supports international norms,” he said.

The more serious figures in the US administration have been stepping in to make up for Trumps’ rashness and inexperience after the US missile strike on a Syrian airbase, said Sawers.

“We see the sensible grown-ups within the administration taking charge and the rather ideological figures around Trump himself being marginalized, and that’s to be welcomed,” he added.

The former intelligence chief said the Korean peninsula is by far the most serious potential flashpoint at the moment.

“If you are looking for a world crisis which could bring about the dangers of a clash between great powers then North Korea is a bigger concern than Syria,” he said.

John Sawers was Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) a position he held from November 2009 until November 2014

North Korea is seeking support from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to prevent a potential “nuclear holocaust,” as US President Donald Trump warns of the possibility of a “major conflict” in the Korean Peninsula if diplomacy fails.

Washington’s actions and rhetoric are pushing the region to the “brink of war,” North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho wrote in a letter to ASEAN’s chief Le Luong Minh from Vietnam.

“As you know, due to the annual war games in South Korea conducted by the United States and South Korea, the situation in the Korean Peninsula is out of control,” the letter, seen by AFP and dated April 23 reads.
“It is a fact clear to everyone that when they deploy the means of nuclear strike that can drive the Korean Peninsula into a nuclear holocaust in just seconds... the nature of such exercises can in no way be defensive

Democracy and Class Struggle says the War Rattle from Trump is escalating with his talk of major major conflict - if there is nobody in the White House that can control him disaster stares us in the face.

Any attack on North Korea by the United States will see the end of US relations with China and the US will be expelled from Asia Pacific - it will be the biggest home goal in US History and hasten it Geo-political demise.

Protests in South Korea on the installation of a new American anti-aircraft system

This has been translated to English using Google:
From the blog Cuestionatelotodo:
The United States has decided to install an anti-aircraft system called THAAD in its colony South Korea, directed against the supposed North Korean threat; That is, by threat Washington and the rest of countries (it seems that including China itself or Russia) of that euphemism called "international community" considers that North Korea tries to have nuclear weapons to try to guarantee its sovereignty, in view of the fate race By other more credulous countries that have given up on it (see Libya, Iraq or Syria itself). 
However, that South Korea is practically occupied by US troops does not mean that the Korean people, who are one even if divided, feel very happy about that situation. On the contrary, and in spite of the propaganda of the means of disinformation of the imperialism, South Korea, that is to say the part broken off by the American invasion of 1950 and occupied under the disguise of military alliance by the marines yankees, is not a raft of oil And practically every day there are protests against the aggressiveness against the neighbors (brothers) of the north and the warlike environment fomented by the USA. And the danger that this poses to the entire Korean peninsula.
An example of this growing protest is South Korean legislation itself, which seeks to avoid solidarity between the two sides of the nation by criminalizing any support or approach to Pyongang. The US military's own massive presence. Denotes that South Korea is not much less a subject country. 
Imagini pentru korea south bases
Recently, during the installation process of the new American anti-aircraft system in South Korea, for the good of the multinational armaments and bad for the whole Korean people, both the north and the one that coexists with the presence of thousands of soldiers gringos to the south Of parallel 41, it was possible to verify the resistance of those against the plans of the local mercenary oligarchy and Washington. The truth is that the United States has been very keen on North Koreans since that humiliating defeat in 1950 by the Chinese army and the Korean guerrillas who ran the Uncle Sam mercenaries with their rifles between their legs.
Thousands of protesters urged along the country's roads not to continue the warmongering provocations against the northern brethren, throwing stones at military convoys and shouting "Yankees go home!" As seen in the Following videos .
Of course, the almost daily protests are also against the misery caused by the domination of capital and the exploitation of resources and workers, forcing, for example, thousands of young South Koreans to prostitute themselves to survive in the vicinity of the bases of (Which the corrupt South Korean president calls "ally"), with the approval of the propaganda media and the Seoul government itself.

South Korea - Protesters protest to YANKIS GO HOME shout against THAAD/ Corea del Sur - Manifestantes protestan al grito de YANKIS GO HOME contra el THAAD

South Koreans stoned US THAAD anti-missile system radars/ Surcoreanos apedrean los Radares de los sistema anti-misiles THAAD Estadounidenses

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