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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Argentina—"Empires and dictatorships, Malvinas and the world war"

Translated to English, using Google:

From Fernando Adrián Zapata, the Socialist Revolutionary and Popular Bloc (M-L-M):

Malvinas Argentinas: another strategic enclave
This year 2017, the date of April 2 corrodes the conscience of our Argentine, bleeding in the memory of so many young brothers of the town that gave their life in such patriotic and anti-imperialist cause (as it is the search of recovery of our Islas Malvinas) , For 35 years (1982), although its just claim is much earlier, a just cause used and abused, demagogically and unjustly, by several civic-military dictatorships, only to perpetuate itself in local political power.
It is that, as so many, so many innumerable times and with so different themes in national, continental and world defense issues, empires have tried to use the force to impose their ambitions of domination, "in blood and fire", arriving , Even to sustain brutal local tyrannies to administer their power.

Malvinas today: an anti-imperialist cause, among many
The particular case of Malvinas refers to other causes of oppressed and expelled peoples, such as the claims of the interior of the present United Kingdom of Great Britain (Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales), the different regions of the Spanish State (Galicia, Catalonia and Country Basra), Ukraine, Chechnya and other regions of the former Soviet Union, Palestine fractured by the State of Israel, Kurdistan divided by Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, the two Koreas (North and South) disputed between powers like China and Japan Respectively, among many other anti-colonial claims on the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.
The two great World Wars signaled an unprecedented nihilism and criminal destructiveness, "Cold War" by serving as a pre-test of current ongoing "unconventional" wars, with their tragic euphemisms of "collateral damage" at the moment of massacring Whole populations.
Wars of the former Yugoslavia (Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines), Algeria, Somalia, Angola, Cyprus, Yemen, and many others, evidence that domination interests continue to weigh rigidly on international politics, with its aftermath of violence, racial and religious hatred, massacres, famine, exile, social and environmental destruction, among many other inequities.
The United Nations has areas of litigation, debate and analysis to discuss and resolve these issues, such as the Decolonization Committee, which has not succeeded in stifling the majority of avoidable confrontations, killings and invasions, crimes devised or implemented mainly by Interests of large monopolies and hegemonic groups on a planetary scale.

Imperial armament: a central axis in the global domain
The arms industry, which generates multi-million dollar economic figures, along with other traffics and contraband, continues to press to unleash conflicts that can be addressed and resolved until exhausting innumerable previous instances.
Also the greed of elitist groups, in addition to resorting to state armed forces, have paramilitary groups and terrorists who have been trained, advised and financed militarily, politically and economically to execute atrocities in various regions and areas of the world and thus facilitate the " Soften "the population of the disputed territory and take it with less difficulty.
The current policies for raw materials, natural reservoirs, and the geopolitics of certain spaces considered as "strategic" for access and circulation of empires, intensifies these pressing situations.
The search for world peace requires, in principle, the cessation of armaments and imperial militarism, as well as the cessation of hostilities and the immediate return of the spaces claimed by the peoples who so require.
Otherwise, the realization of the ideal of a near world peace will be an increasingly diffuse utopia for illusions.

The present danger and the pursuits of world peace
The present world, for the moment and unfortunately, is and will continue to be a powder magazine, an anteroom for an international hecatomb of unthoughtful dimensions, of a massive destruction never before imagined.
Meanwhile, the almost continuous deployment of imperial troops, as well as the fierce resistance of the most diverse groups of pro-independence, anti-colonialist and anti-imperialist, with the most controversial methods of struggle assumed and to be applied, in a civilized way In some cases, but also furiously and desperately in other cases, often in correspondence with the changing situations and conditions imposed by the pressure of the great oppressors.

Fernando Adrián Zapata,
Member of the Socialist Revolutionary and Popular Bloc (M-L-M),
April 2017, Argentina.

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