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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

US imperialism—Trump bombing Syria, under the pretext of attacks using chemical weapons of uncertain attribution!

The US adds to death.
This is terrorism, the real one!

From the PCM (Maoist Communist Party) Italian press, with Google translations and editing by សតិវអតុ:

It is for control of oil, profits for the arms industry, this war began and caused hundreds of thousands of lives and millions of migrants fleeing. Gradually, in this war we were dragged in with all the imperialist powers. All reactionary regimes in the region, from Turkey to Saudi Arabia to Iran were involved and the Syrian masses have been and are victims of a massacre.
It was and is right to rebel against the reactionary regime of Assad.
It was and it is right that the Kurdish masses took to the field against the reactionary ISIS, the regimes of the region and the imperialist powers.
It is now general war, possible threat of a world war, directly or through intermediaries.
It is time for all those who care about the interests of the peoples, a peace based on the elimination of imperialism, to take the floor against the US bombings against Russian imperialist troops on Syrian soil, against all factions linked to one or another imperialism, in support of the Arab masses who resist and oppose, in support of the Kurdish masses.
The Italian government, first with Renzi, now with his stunt Gentiloni, Pinotti etc., Say yes to the bombing and take part in this dirty war.
They are there for the interests of Eni and Italian multinationals and drag our country, and the world into the fire.

Stop US bombing on Syria and civilians!
We do not want the G-7 in Taormina!
We do not want Trump in Italy!

We express in all possible forms - demonstrations, petitions - NO! To all war in Syria and imperialist war.

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