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Monday, March 05, 2018

India: CPI Maoist Party Telangana State Committee Press Statement

While we were taking rest & speaking to the people the police raided and unilaterally fired at the information provided by a culprit.

As police were saying, Hari Bhushan, Bade Chokka Rao and Kankanala Rajireddy did not die in this encounter.

District Committee member Dhadaboyina Swami Alias Prabhakar - a resident of Rampur village, Kazipet Mandal and Ratna a resident of Bijapur were martyred in this encounter along with 8 other comrades who belong to Sukma & Dantewada of Chattisgarh State.

Dictator KCR is committed to this type of fake encounters to drive water and land to corporate houses. From now on, we will intensify the attacks on TRS leaders.

Hindutva leader Raman Singh and fascist KCR are unleashing attacks on Adivasis & common men. Despite the police knew the details of the martyrs after the encounter, police misguided people & media to confuse & create panic in the public.

The police tried to hurt people's courage by propagating top leaders were dead in the encounter.

The Telangana, AP, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh governments aimed at completely eradicating CPI (Maoist) in order to give away the natural resources to the corporate houses.

With the help of the people, we will retaliate these attacks and win.

Spokes Person,
CPI (Maoist) Telangana State Committee

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