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Monday, May 17, 2021

More corruption found by unscrupulous Republicans—of course I don’t trust them! Why would I?!

By Steve Otto

Once again, we have a prominent Republican representative, Matt Gaetz of Florida, who has is said to be under investigation over possible sex trafficking of a minor. From The Guardian:

“The scandal engulfing Matt Gaetz, one of Donald Trump’s brashest supporters in Congress, deepened on Friday after an associate admitted sex trafficking involving a minor and agreed to cooperate with investigators.

Joel Greenberg, a former tax collector in Florida, said he and unidentified others paid a 17-year-old girl for sex and he provided the girl with drugs, according to court papers cited by multiple media outlets.

Greenberg, 37, is expected to plead guilty to six federal charges, including financial crimes, in court in Orlando on Monday. He could be a pivotal witness if prosecutors charge Gaetz, 39, over an alleged sexual relationship with the 17-year-old girl.”

This is not all that surprising. The Republicans seem very attached to corruption. There have been many sex scandals attached to Republicans. And Donald Trump was caught before his first election victory, bragging about abusing women. That did not stop his followers from supporting and voting for him. Gaetz is not the first conservative caught in a sex scandal. But conservative US voters just don’t seem to care. They didn’t care about Trump’s treatment of women.

So now we have another conservative Republican from Florida, caught doing what conservatives do best, violate the very morality they claim to be supporting. They are all very moral as long as the rules they believe in don’t apply to them. People like this guy are all strong supporters of Christianity, the family and moral fiber for our society. And of course, it is all a lot of hot air.

At this blog and on the internet, by leftists kinds of people, I catch a lot of flack for attacking the Republicans more than the Democrats. But remember, I do attack the Democrats. If I hate the Republicans a little more than I hate the Democrats, that is just how I am. I’m sure there are leftists and leftists blogs out there that attack the Democrats enough to make up for the attacks I don’t make. So let’s all remember we are on the same side—sorta. 

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