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Sunday, May 02, 2021

The Catastrophic World Situation Demands the Proletarian Revolution!

Unite Under the Red Banner of Maoism!


 From Communist Party of Ecuador - Red Sun

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This May Day we address the international proletariat and the oppressed peoples and nations of the world reaffirming our solemn promise to wipe out imperialism, revisionism and reaction from the face of the Earth, with democratic, socialist and cultural revolutions, establishing and developing the dictatorship of the proletariat, through the people's war, until all humanity is liberated from all forms of oppression and exploitation, until we reach our inalienable final goal: Communism, the classless society where the needs of each one will be satisfied, where there will be neither rich nor poor, neither  exploiters nor exploited and where all will enjoy abundance. We will fight relentlessly and selflessly to create a new world, which will be totally and absolutely opposite and different from this hell we live in now, a new society without the blood-sucking murderers who are the owners of the present. 

The prevailing social order,  the imperialist world system that develops in the middle of collusion and struggle, and as part of the same, Yankee imperialism, the  common enemy of the peoples around the world, is outdated and is rotten to the core, is sustains on the bloody bayonets of mercenary armies that will be powerless before us, the oppressed and exploited, when we organize our common power under the leadership of the proletarian vanguards, the Communist Parties, and rise up all over the world with weapons in hand destroying the old and building the new. Anyone who takes a look at the world today will see that we are facing a situation where the world proletarian revolution is the only way out, the only way for humanity and that the development of the objective and subjective conditions in the world are favorable  for revolution; In this situation, it is up to us to open the way with new people's wars to the new period of revolutions that the world has entered.


The imperialists and their lackeys take advantage of the pan-epidemic


The sinister handling of the imperialists and their lackeys of the pan-epidemic demonstrates its genocidal character; with vile cynicism they use it to achieve their economic, political and military objectives and they do not care about the millions of dead who are sacrificed for these purposes.

The global economic crisis was anticipated for a long time and had already begun to manifest itself at the end of 2019. The appearance of the COVID-19 virus gave them an ideal pretext to force an abrupt recession and destroy productive forces on a large scale and at the same time, in the main imperialist countries, to promote state monopoly capitalism, as in Europe, is also done by the Yankee imperialist Biden in his early days of government, going ahead to minister the package of the large figure of 3.3 trillion dollars, transferring funds immense for the direct benefit of the big monopolies and restructuring their economies, discharging the main cost on the oppressed nations. The result: 6,000 to 12,000 starvation deaths a day, directly caused by the crisis; and even, In countries that are not among the poorest like Argentina, the masses suffer galloping hunger and have to demand food aid to survive and even in the imperialist countries hunger is increasing; at least 495 million jobs have "disappeareds”Worldwide, only in the cities of India 100 million lost the possibility of earning their daily bread and those who are affected are mainly the poorest and within them, above all, those belonging to ethnic minorities, women and young people. At the same time the owners of financial capital make fabulous profits, to illustrate it is enough to note that between March and December 2020, while the vast majority became impoverished, the 10 richest men in the world increased their fortunes with 540 billion US dollars. At the same time, following the perverse logic of profit, in the crisis finance capital moves to the imperialist centers, driven by the “stimulus packages”, further deepening the crisis of bureaucratic capitalism in the oppressed countries,

Politically, there is no State where the ruling classes have not used the pretext of the pan-epidemic to increase the oppression against the masses, increasing in great number and quality the measures and means of repression to crush their resistance and growing militancy, seeking to conjure up the revolution. Concentrating and centralizing more Power in the Executive (reactionary process of the bourgeois state). Particularly in the so-called “demo-liberal” regimes, in which there is not a single one where decrees and laws have not been issued that transfer powers or attributions of the legislature to the executive, trampling de jure and in fact their own constitutions (their own bourgeois legal order), applying massive and indiscriminate population control methods; even, even seeking to "legally" control the movements of each citizen through the so-called "Apps", all, of course, to "fight the virus". This is how the crisis of parliamentarism deepens, very notorious is the case of Latin America where the United Nations itself has found that 78.8% of the population is convinced that governments only serve "a handful of powerful people" and that trend is growing. The intelligence services, mainly through their fascist agents, seek to usurp every popular protest against these measures to give them a reactionary turn, promoting outdated myths that are nothing more than “modern” versions of the infamous police hoax about “the Protocol of the Sages of Zion ”, and in this maneuver he has the unconditional support of revisionism and opportunism of all kinds that,

The same in the unique case of Brazil, where the ultra-reactionary military government is in fact against any preventive health measures against COVID-19 due to obscurantism and the pretext that these are to undermine it with the paralysis of the economy, opportunism and Revisionism immobilists try to join the chorus of the big bourgeoisie and media monopolies in a campaign of hysteria against popular protests, calling them disseminating contagion.

The conscious masses know that, if the virus can cause so much damage, it is because the health systems in the world are not at the service of the people, they do not have the necessary resources anywhere as a result of the political decisions of governments, past and present; each death with COVID-19, therefore, is a genocide that is at the expense of the ruling classes. As the imperialist states use the respective vaccines to advance their positions, mainly in the oppressed countries, it is one more example that for these hyenas the lives of the masses do not care about anything. The imperialist countries have concentrated the largest number of vaccines. In the third world countries they do not have vaccines except for the big bourgeoisie and the landlords. The oppressed countries do not have the technology in medicine to manufacture them because of bureaucratic capitalism and imperialism does business with the lives of workers through intellectual property with its logic of the invisible hand of the free market. In other words, the poor of the world are condemned to genocide.

In the military, the imperialists and their lackeys use the pan-epidemic to further militarize their states, starting from promoting state monopoly capitalism, a fundamental issue due to their warmongering plans, to normalizing the use of the armed forces in all kinds of tasks of the state. state administration; whether of a directly administrative, police or health nature, promoting the image of the armed forces as national heroes. They use the panic, real but generated by them, of the pan-epidemic to promote their wars of prey, both by moving puppets and with increasing direct intervention as in Africa, where they have transformed the continent into a war zone that goes from Libya in the north to Mozambique in the south and from Western Sahara in the west to Somalia in the east.


All over the world the proletariat and the peoples fight and resist


The increase in exploitation and oppression, hunger and misery, repression and genocide leads to the need to fight because oppression generates resistance, the masses cannot continue to live in current conditions, therefore they rise up to fight everywhere. Imperialism has increased the exploitation of the world during the last three decades, trying to escape the general and last crisis that beset it, promoting the greater accumulation of capital, which is why it has been causing a great explosiveness of the masses that is going to explode everywhere. The explosions that we have seen in the last two years are only an announcement: that with the advance in the reconstitution of the Communist Parties they announce to us that the world is entering a new period of revolutions.

The masses have increased their activity as never before, despite all the measures of social isolation to curb them. It is up to the communists to lead them for the revolutionary exit, because the masses are the arena of contention between revolution and counterrevolution. As long as we do not bury imperialism and reaction, they will always have a way out of their situation with the service of revisionism and opportunism, as Lenin warned in his exposition on the international situation after the First World War and the Treaty of Versailles; today, they will try to lead the masses after the reactionary solution to the crisis, which ranges from the current “social packages against the corona pandemic”, the exit of “the new constitution” to fascism. So, it is very important to blow up their plans "against the pandemic" that are the basis of their anti-crisis programs in favor of the exploiters; To make them fly, the key is to intensify the fight for wages and salaries, for the most neglected and burdensome needs of the masses, such as health emergencies; All basic needs have to be demanded, demanded, lead the masses to express their protest with forceful forms of struggle, demand that the State fulfill its obligations showing that it is useless, linking the struggle for demands with the struggle for the Power to lead the masses to the overflow.

The peasant struggle for land increasingly removes the oppressed nations and is the basis of the struggle against imperialism. The struggle against semi-feudality is also developing powerfully in Latin American countries, the conquest and defense of the land against great dispossession is the order of the day and in countries like Ecuador and Brazil the peasant arms armed with a proletarian mind systematically operate towards a great leap. to realize the democratic revolution. The immense struggle of the peasants in India has shaken the country and exposed before the eyes of the whole world the plans of the old landlord-bureaucratic state to promote bureaucratic capitalism through the ruin of millions of peasants for a new concentration of land. in the hands of the largest landowners and thus increase semi-feudal exploitation. The importance of the struggle of the peasants, which is the largest class in the world, is increasing more due to the dispossession of peasant lands, ancestral communities, these territories for large extractive, energy, tourism projects, etc. of imperialism, the big bourgeoisie and landlords; dispossession of peasant land and the territory of minorities. The armed conflicts in Africa, which the imperialists and their lackeys use to cast masses against masses, are directly linked to the struggle for land and territory. of imperialism, the big bourgeoisie and landlords; dispossession of peasant land and the territory of minorities. The armed conflicts in Africa, which the imperialists and their lackeys use to cast masses against masses, are directly linked to the struggle for land and territory. of imperialism, the big bourgeoisie and landlords; dispossession of peasant land and the territory of minorities. The armed conflicts in Africa, which the imperialists and their lackeys use to cast masses against masses, are directly linked to the struggle for land and territory.

The struggle of the proletariat is increasing throughout the world, both the economic-vindication struggle and the strikes for wages, hours and working conditions, and the struggle for the defense of conquered rights and political demands. Gigantic strikes in India, the largest in history, struggles of health workers in Bulgaria for working conditions and wages, struggles of various kinds of the proletariat in China against the revisionist-social-imperialist bosses, like the struggles of more than 200 million people. workers that the revisionists have expelled from the countryside to be cheap and "second-class" labor power for the benefit of their native imperialist exploiters and the big monopolies of the other imperialist countries, struggle of the workers of the automobile industry in the Spanish State , of the 'yellow vests' and other workers in France, in addition to the massive and violent anti-racist protests in the United States and they have traveled all over the world. They are only a few examples of this struggle and in the face of the generalized attack by finance capital on the class in all countries, huge battles are brewing. The political struggles of the masses, mainly proletarians, in Poland (where it is necessary to highlight the prominent role of women), as well as in other countries of eastern and central Europe, and the combative protests in the Spanish state where the anger of the For now, the masses express themselves in defense of the right of opinion and popular art, they are examples that show the great activity of the masses, that throughout the world the class takes more and more consciousness and takes action. The fact is that,

The petty bourgeoisie in all countries suffers severe blows in the crisis, millions of small merchants are ruined, millions of owners of small shops and restaurants are deprived of everything, for the greater accumulation and centralization of capital for the benefit of the large monopolies generated by financial capital. The attacks on the intelligentsia are redoubled, either by direct attacks on freedom of expression or by the imposition of the metaphysical doctrines of post-modernism that goes hand in hand with medieval obscurantism in advocating extreme idealism. Students see years of study being stolen from them, only to have no job prospects. Millions and millions of children have lost access to school education, even in the imperialist nations where once again the myth of "social equality" was blown up. due to the fact that their families do not have the financial resources to have a computer. The women of the town suffer the hardest from the crisis, they are the ones who do dangerous jobs in the health sector, they are the ones who lose their jobs first, they are the ones who are in charge of the increased domestic work, they suffer from the increase in Patriarchal violence  and, as if all this were not enough, their rights, such as the right to abortion, are under attack in several countries. Immigrants and ethnic minorities are the most likely to die from the virus and are the ones who receive the least medical attention, lose their jobs and their small, but vital, monthly contributions to their families in their countries of origin cannot send them, increasing radically the misery of the masses, furthermore discrimination and racist persecution grows. So it goes for every sector of the masses, more oppression and exploitation. Thus increases their explosiveness, their clamor for revolution.

Imperialist aggression against oppressed nations increases national resistance and encourages wars of national liberation. The oppressed nations are the spoils for the imperialists. In their competition with each other, the imperialists unleash wars of prey, either through direct aggression such as the increasing intervention in the Sahel or through puppets such as in the Caucasus or Yemen, to control resources and markets by applying over-exploitation. As much as they crush the peoples, as in the case of the heroic people of Palestine, they cannot stop their struggle for liberation; the only thing they reap are new waves of fighters for the national liberation struggle, and the result of the current assault will be no different. In eastern Europe and the Balkans, the national problem worsens more and even in Western Europe it acquires more weight,

The masses all over the world cry out for revolution. It is up to the communists to organize and direct them so that they express all their transforming capacity and thus there will be no force in the world capable of containing them.


The leadership of the Communist Parties is necessary


For the clamor of the masses of fruit, for its gigantic disorganized force to be channeled into being an organized force capable of turning the world upside down, a force capable of organizing and leading the struggle of the oppressed and exploited crowds is needed. That force is the vanguard of the proletariat, the Communist Party. That is a historical truth and it is enough to see the case of how China, the "old and sick man" of Asia, divided and subjugated by imperialism, backward, humiliated and prostituted by decadent landlords and bureaucratic capitalists traitors of its own people, could pass, in a few years, from this miserable semi-colonial-semi-feudal condition to a powerful socialist state where the popular masses reached the highest peaks that humanity has reached.


The first condition was the existence of the Communist Party.


On July 1, 1921, the Communist Party of China (CCP) was founded in Shanghai. Inevitable fruit of the development of the proletarian revolutionary movement in the country and of the application of the ideology of the proletariat in such a movement, brought to China by the thunder of the guns of the October Revolution. With the founding of the CCP, the course of the revolution and the history of the country were changed. At the beginning still a weak force, but gathering the best sons of the people, began to walk and from its midst the Chairman Mao Tsetung emerged as head of the Party and the Chinese Revolution, who creatively applied the Marxism of his time, Marxism- Leninism, to the concrete conditions of the revolution in his country and under the guidance of a just and correct ideological and political line , he built, in the midst of the class struggle and the struggle of two lines, the instruments of the revolution: the Communist Party, the revolutionary Army and the United Front; being the first leader, the second the principal and the third indispensable in the construction of the New Power and to unite the people against their oppressors. Applying Marxism to solve the concrete problems of the Chinese Revolution, leading the CCP, Chairman Mao developed the theory of the People's War, with which he defeated imperialism and its lackeys and thus came to equip the communists of the world, for the first time, with a military doctrine of its own - the highest known in world history. The CCP, under the leadership of Chairman Mao, went on to build a vigorous socialist state, where the masses were masters of their own destiny and mobilized to eradicate hunger, poverty, illiteracy and each and every one of the plagues of the old society. It was a tough fight and it took place in turbulent and stormy waters but the great helmsman, Chairman Mao, knew how to navigate and maintain the course of the revolution, amid internal struggles in the CCP against those who argued that the easy way should be sought. negotiating with imperialism. When revisionism usurped power in the first socialist state, the Soviet Union, Chairman Mao waged the fight against those in the CCP who wanted to follow the baton of command of those who seemed to be the strongest at the time and unified the communists of the world. world to reject capitulation to imperialism and to persist in the world proletarian revolution.s  and sweep away the selfishness that is the source of all reactionism and food for revisionism. This colossal feat shook the whole world and Marxism reached a third, new and superior stage, Maoism; Hence, being a Marxist today means being a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist. 

After the death of Chairman Mao, the right wing in the CCP, led by Deng Xiaoping, carried out an anti-communist counterrevolutionary coup and transformed the CCP into a revisionist party and the socialist state into a social-imperialist state under fascist regime that is the China today. This does not deny Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, but rather clearly demonstrates that everything established by Chairman Mao about the struggle in the Party and the class struggle in socialism is fully valid and what corresponds to the true communists in China is to return to storm the skies, and, that today, there the task of the communists is in the first place to reconstitute the glorious CCP.

The history of the CCP gives us very valuable lessons and we think that we should celebrate the centenary of its founding to deepen our understanding of those valuable lessons, because if we assume them correctly they illuminate the path we must follow. 

In most countries today we have a situation similar to that of China before the founding of the CCP, there are no Communist Parties, because they were destroyed by revisionism, and what corresponds is to reconstitute them. This stems from the development of the revolutionary proletarian movement in each country and the application of the ideology of the proletariat, today Maoism, to such a movement. This process has made remarkable progress in recent years and what we have to do is push it forward much more, learning from the most advanced experiences of our class.


The path of liberation is the people's war


The most advanced detachments in the International Communist Movement are the Communist Parties that lead people's wars in Peru, India, Turkey, and the Philippines. These people's wars are torches of hope, red flags that proclaim the universal truth of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. They give courage to all the oppressed and exploited, inspire millions and millions to fight and resist against imperialism, world reaction and revisionism of all kinds. They show the way and call the communists in the world, especially the new generations who are joining the ranks of the iron legions of the international proletariat, to go to the deepest and deepest masses to organize their cry for revolution.

It is the law of history that violence is the midwife of the new society. The imperialists and their lackeys, those dying parasites, will never voluntarily hand over Power to the proletariat and the people. They have shown that they are capable of any crime, willing to commit genocide after genocide, to maintain their system of oppression and exploitation. They want to drown any popular uprising in blood. That is why we communists and revolutionaries have to firmly apply revolutionary violence to overthrow them and that is the path of people's war. Without that there is no place for us in this world, without that humanity will never achieve its emancipation. So we must forge ourselves for the people's war and reconstitute our Communist Parties where there are none, as combat machines,

Revisionism, as an outpost of the bourgeoisie within the class, is the main enemy of the International Communist Movement, it is the Trojan horse, the fifth column, with which imperialism and its lackeys try to "conquer the fortress from within" . They are the traitors who have sided with the enemy. Like snakes they try to deceive and demoralize the communists, the proletariat and the people, presenting their poison as if it were the nectar of the gods that will save us from all evils. They argue that "the character of the revolution has changed", denying the democratic revolution, to go on to say that it is necessary to use "the parliament to accumulate forces", that it is necessary to seek "amnesty" from the old State, to "solve the problems of the Party ”, as is the case of the rats of the Right Opportunist Line, revisionist and capitulationist (LOD.- today a separate party called "Movadef"), when the only way to move forward in the people's war in Peru is to apply Gonzalo thought to solve new problems with more people's war. In Turkey they echo such atrocities and, as in Peru, they do not stop until they expose the communists and revolutionaries, there it is clear that the only way is to follow the path traced by Kaypakaya and apply Maoism to solve the new problems. The historical parenthesis of Avakian and the traitor Prachanda, tried to deceive us that Maoism was "obsolete", in the case of the first and instead of the people's war, it was necessary to apply "the theory of fusion", in the case of the second; we know how they both ended,

Revisionism is an advance of the bourgeoisie in the ranks of the proletariat, it is the tail of Chinese and Russian imperialism and in the Third World countries they support the bureaucratic fraction of the big bourgeoisie, mainly, and dismantle the popular struggle, they drag the masses. to inter-bourgeois struggles (between the bureaucratic bourgeoisie and the buying bourgeoisie) thus conjuring up rebellion in these countries.

The advance of the revolution in India and the Philippines crushes those who call for capitulation and there also depends on how the communists apply Maoism to solve the problems they face today, to make the leap towards the stage of Strategic Balance. Thus, forging ourselves in revolutionary violence and the struggle against revisionism is essential to serve the development of the world proletarian revolution, to serve the advancement of the ongoing people's wars, to serve the initiation of more people's wars, which is the only way to the Liberation. In this we must unite more and fight side by side the communists and revolutionaries in the world.


Unite under the red flag of Maoism!


What we are experiencing today is times of war, there is a developing revolutionary situation, uneven but growing, all over the world and the masses cry out for revolution, a fact that defines the main political trend. We are in the first phase of the deepest crisis of the world imperialist system since the “Great Depression” of the last century. The great uprisings of the masses will increase, the struggle of the proletariat and the peoples of the world will advance through tremendous waves of rebellion and the crisis of bourgeois democracy is deepening, the imperialists and their lackeys cannot govern as up to now. The objective conditions for the advancement of the world proletarian revolution are magnificent. Communists in the world, Maoists, must fight to respond to what the hour demands, to rise to the task and advance boldly. We need to concentrate forces in serving the development of the people's wars in progress, at the beginning of many more and for the reconstitution of the Communist Parties to open the way to the new period of revolutions. That is why it is essential that we assume the role of the International Communist Movement fighting to put Maoism as the sole command and guide of the world revolution, struggling hard to unify under its principles.

Through the two-line struggle, sincere criticism and self-criticism, the  Unified Maoist International Conference (CIMU) and the New International Organization of the Proletariat (NOIP), which will emerge from it, is an irreplaceable step on the way, it is a historical necessity for that we take the necessary leap. If we communists are not able to unite, then we will never be able to fulfill our historic mission and therefore it will not be like that. Unity makes its way through the struggle and all of us who are for the struggle on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to serve the world proletarian revolution know that it is a difficult and complex task, but for this we are made.


Everything that exists in that world is matter in motion, stability is always relative, struggle, transformation is constant, the old world will disappear and under the victorious red flags with the hammer and sickle the new will be born. What we have to do is storm the skies.


Glory to the international proletariat - Long live May Day!


Long live Maoism - Down with revisionism!

Long live the  1st  Centenary of the founding of the Communist Party of China!

Forward to the Unified Maoist International Conference and

the New International Organization of the Proletariat!

Victory to the people's wars!



Communist Party of Peru

Communist Party of Turkey / Marxist-Leninist

Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction)

Communist Group (Maoist), China

Revolutionary Nucleus for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Mexico (NR-PCM)

Irish Socialist Republicans

Red Flag Committee - RFA

Red Faction of the Communist Party of Chile

Committees for the founding of the Communist Party (Maoist) in Austria

Serving the people - Communist League of Norway

Committee for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of the United States

Communist Party of France - Red Faction

Maoist Committee Finland

Communist Party of Ecuador - Red Sun

Communist Party of Colombia (Red Fraction)

Construction Committee of the Maoist Communist Party of Galicia

Red Wave, Denmark

May Day 2021

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