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Wednesday, September 29, 2021


From the site of the Communist Party of Ecuador- Red Sun/ Partido Comunista del Ecuador - Sol Rojo

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"How materialistic I think the ends life someday, what prevails in me is to be optimistic, believing that the work to which I serve others have to pursue the lead to fulfilling our ultimate task communism. Because the fear that you could have would be that it is not continued, but that fear dissolves when you trust the masses. The worst fear, after all, is not trusting the masses, is believing oneself indispensable, center of the world, I think that's what it is, and if one is formed by the Party with the ideology of the proletariat, with Maoism mainly, one understands that the masses make history, that the Party makes the revolution, that the course of history is defined, that the revolution is the main trend, fear disappears and only has the satisfaction of being mortar and, together with other mortars, serve to lay a foundation so that one day communism will shine and illuminate the whole Earth. " - Chairman Gonzalo



On September 11, the vile assassination of Chairman Gonzalo was consummated. The black heralds of reaction declaim the death of the man and that he has already disappeared. But this is not the case. Chairman Gonzalo lives in the communists and revolutionaries of Peru, in the deepest bowels of the Peruvian proletariat and people; it lives in us, the communists and revolutionaries of the world, in the hearts and minds of the international proletariat and the peoples of the world. Chairman Gonzalo has not died because he is more than a man, he is a path, a thought, a luminous path that millions follow with unwavering faith, raising to the top the red flags of communism with hammer and sickle, iron legions of workers and peasants are forged under the leadership of the Communist Parties to storm heaven. As Chairman Gonzalo himself said when he became a prisoner of war: they arrived late, their thoughts remain with others. Chairman Gonzalo cannot be disappeared.


Chairman Gonzalo was an organic optimist, he had unlimited confidence in the communists and the masses, and he forged us to be. Thus, at this moment when Marxists-Leninists-Maoists no longer have the greatest of all of us in the flesh and we feel the deepest pain, we will not allow tears to cloud our eyes but rather our ardent passion materializes. In transforming power, it fills us with energy and holds even more our decision to never lay down our arms until communism and to sweep away with blood and fire with people's war all oppression and exploitation from the face of the Earth. Let the cowardly murderers know that the appalling crime will not go unpunished, the people will do justice as only the people know how to do it, and revolutionary justice may take time but it will come.


We all know who the murderers are, they are the executioners of the people, they are the imperialists, the reactionaries and the revisionists. They have names: Biden, Castillo, and Miriam. It is Yankee imperialism that has led the counterrevolutionary war in Peru, it has been its nefarious CIA that has led the psychological war, as a key part of its so-called “low intensity war”, against Chairman Gonzalo, the Communist Party of Peru ( PCP) and the People's War, and continues to do so; It has been the CIA that, using its agents such as Montesinos and Merino, who have fabricated the lies against Chairman Gonzalo and it is they who have directly directed the assassination; This is the direct responsibility of the one who is the highest representative of Yankee imperialism, the genocidal warrior Biden. The genocidal Armed Forces of the old Peruvian State, who were the ones who directly carried out the murder with their bloody claws, as part of the genocide against the PCP and the Peruvian people; But his insane hatred of hyenas could only have free passage under the political cover of the government of Rondero Castillo and his criminal gang of opportunists, worker-peddlers and fascists of all stripes; only under the cover of a "left" government did the Armed Forces dare to complete the crime that they did not dare under all previous governments. It has been the rat Miriam, who heads the opportunist line of the right, revisionist and capitulationist, who from the first moment, has lent her "prestige" to give "credibility" to the hoax of the "peace agreement"; it was she, who with her "phone call", with the video montages, the "poems" and the monstrosities, who have made possible the damage caused by the operations of the reaction to the PCP and the people's war; that rat will stand before history as the most sinister arch-traitor; who, following the example of Lin Piao, iconized Chairman Gonzalo in order to overthrow and kill him, the filthiest revisionist who tried in vain to liquidate the Party and the People's War and ended up with her hands stained with Chairman Gonzalo's sacred blood.


El President Gonzalo losses or all plans of the counterrevolution. At no time, when we hear his voice, he raised nothing but his position as always: the People 's War will inevitably win and that his arrest was only a bend on the long road of the Peruvian revolution to the conquista of power throughout the country. He transformed the camp of the Base Naval del Callto or higher Trinchera Luminosa Combat the Guerra Popular and, until his last moment, he fought incessantly for the triumph of the people 's war as part and serving the world proletarian revolution, being in complete isolation ever betrayed or her condition to her knees. For this reason, there has never been and never will be any proof or foundation for the absurd accusations against him; the "peace agreement" or to ashes that  brought the wind,  the  "retreat of the world revolution" and "the fourth stage of the Party  and the Peruvian society " as well as the rest of  the  barbarities  revisionists, never Shall They came  from the  mind or  mouth of Chairman Gonzalo.


What remains for eternity is his theoretical and practical work at the service of the struggle for the true emancipation of humanity, for the struggle for communism. Although it is true, that only with time we will be able to assess the full importance of the life and work of Chairman Gonzalo, because this is always the case in the case of historical figures of his stature, only a brief summary of facts allows us to verify his gigantic paper.


With a handful of communists, Chairman Gonzalo started the reconstitution of the PCP, cleaned the Party of revisionism and in a hard struggle for almost twenty years he armed it as a war machine, putting it in a position to start the people's war on May 17, 1980, culminating the reconstitution. The People's War shook Peru, Latin America, and the world; Chairman Gonzalo formed the revolutionary armed forces of the Peruvian people (today the Popular Liberation Army) and directed the construction of the New Power (Popular Committees and Revolutionary Support Bases). Thus, he endowed the Party, the class, with the main instrument of the revolution and gave the broadest and deepest masses, mainly the poor peasantry, the possibility of exercising their Power,


Very particularly, we highlight that Chairman Gonzalo personally directed the First Marxist Congress of the PCP, fulfilling the task left pending by Mariátegui, where the Base of Party Unity of the PCP was established, which contains three elements: ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, the Program and the General Political Line with its center the Military Line, where Gonzalo Thought is expressed in the highest form. That Base of Party Unity is the one that today, more than ever, unites the communists of Peru; Whoever does not fully and completely submit to it is not a member of the PCP. There has not been and will not be a partisan event of the PCP that denies the First Congress, on the contrary all subsequent main events such as the three Plenary sessions of the PCP Central Committee, they have been guided and subject to the First Congress. It is the task of the Peruvian communists to solve all the pending problems of the revolution in the country, subject to the Base of Party Unity and apply it to the new conditions.


Since the death of Chairman Mao and the revisionist coup in China in 1976, Chairman Gonzalo has been the main protagonist of the red line within the International Communist Movement. Proving with the People's War in Peru the universal validity of Maoism, he defined it as the third, new and superior stage of the ideology of the international proletariat and it was he who first raised the great truth, that being a Marxist today means being a Marxist. Leninist-Maoist. By creatively applying the universal truth of Maoism, it has endowed the international proletariat with important contributions in the development of its theory and practice, the importance of which no one can deny - just see.


Today, when we fight for the celebration of the Unified Maoist International Conference to take a decisive leap in the fight for the reunification of the communists in the world and to realize a New International Organization of the Proletariat, we follow the example of Chairman Gonzalo who always fought for the unity of the communists and taught us that in this complex process we must start from common principles and agreements, based on them, in order to reach higher levels of unity in the midst of the class struggle and the two-line struggle.


There is no doubt that the figure of Chairman Gonzalo is that of a giant of the international proletariat, his work is immortal and will live forever.


Today, the communists of the world close ranks around the PCP and pay tribute to Chairman Gonzalo, giving all our efforts to support the General Reorganization of the Communist Party of Peru so that a great impulse is given to the development of the People's War. We know that our comrades, as followers of Gonzalo's forge revolution, are fighting tenaciously to fulfill this task in the midst of the people's war and we fully agree that the more they abide by what is established by Chairman Gonzalo, the more quickly they will resolve the problems. pending issues. It is our red flag that flies in Peru and we defend it as such.


We raise our flags to the top. We pay attention by raising our clenched fists. To the sound of the International, we swear to follow the example of Chairman Gonzalo, to learn from him and that he will live forever in us.








September 24, 2021


Communist Party of Peru

Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction)

Communist Party of Colombia (Red Faction)

Red Faction of the Communist Party of Chile

Red Flag Committee - RFA

Communist Party of Ecuador - Red Sun

Committees for the founding of the Communist Party (Maoist) in Austria

Committee for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of the United States

Construction Committee of the Maoist Communist Party of Galicia

Maoist Committee Finland

Irish Socialist Republicans 

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