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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Oppose US mercenaries in the Ukraine war

By Steve Otto

The American Mercenaries caught by the Russians, in Ukraine, are taking part in a war they have no business being involved in. They talk about helping the Ukrainians, but they are simply adventurists who seem to love being in a war. Some of these people left their families to be mercenaries. That is irresponsible. A father’s main responsibility should be to his family and not the adventures of war. Now the families complain they want their relatives back and information on them. They should have stopped them from going at all.

These people are simply mercenaries. They should have stayed home and taken care of their families. Now some are captured, and they are paying the price for what they did.

Our government should stop wasting time on those who choose to get their nose into someone else’s war. We never need mercenaries.

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