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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Action on the Kansas Death Penalty

From the Peace and Social Justice Center of Kansas:

The bill will be heard by the senate judicial committee the week of January 19-22, 2010. We need to act now.

If you favor repeal of the Kansas death penalty, let your senator and representative know your wishes: have a face to face visit, make a phone call, send them a letter, send them an email and ask your friends to do the same. This is an historic moment. It may be years before such an opportunity comes about again. There is strong support for repeal by some legislators; however, others need to be convinced that this is the right thing to do. Together we can mount a successful effort to abolish the death penalty in Kansas in 2010. This abolition effort needs grass-roots support. Legislators must hear that many of their constituents do not support the death penalty and would welcome its repeal. Silence represents an acceptance of the status quo. If you want change, get involved in the effort to abolish the Kansas death penalty in 2010.

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