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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weapons of mass destruction chosen for Bible verses

With all the blathering from the Christian Right about Islam being a religion of violence, now Monday’s Nightline episode exposed a Christian captain of industry putting secret Bible references on various parts of Weapons used in Iraq and Afghanistan,
According to the report Prez. Barrack Obama and other White house officials worry that this will give credibility to Moslems in these countries who have framed their war as a fight to defend Islam from Western culture and religion.
Do these Bible quotes include “turn the other cheek” or “turn you swords into plows” on them? The story said these are from the New Testament and used to encourage Christianity. Bibles printed in Arabic where also filmed. They were obviously intended to be handed out to local citizens.
For these Theocratic nut jobs spreading Christianity is actually more important than actually winning the war. There’s a huge irony in putting Christian Bible quotes on a gun that totally seems to have slipped by for those who concocted this lame-brain idea.

U.S. Military Weapons Inscribed With Secret 'Jesus' Bible Codes
Pentagon Supplier for Rifle Sights Says It Has 'Always' Added New Testament References


Coded references to New Testament Bible passages about Jesus Christ are inscribed on high-powered rifle sights provided to the United States military by a Michigan company, an ABC News investigation has found.

The sights are used by U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and in the training of Iraqi and Afghan soldiers. The maker of the sights, Trijicon, has a $660 million multi-year contract to provide up to 800,000 sights to the Marine Corps, and additional contracts to provide sights to the U.S. Army.
At the end of the serial number on Trijicon's ACOG gun sight, you can read "JN8:12", a reference to the New Testament book of John, Chapter 8, Verse 12, which reads: "Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." The ACOG is widely used by the U.S. military. (ABC News)

Blessed are the war makers?

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