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Friday, March 12, 2010

Former Minister in UCPN-Maoist

From The Red Star:

Kathandu, 11 March, 2010, Hari Shankar Pariyar, the former Co-State Minister and the ex-central committee member of Nepali Congres, has entered into United Communist Party Nepal-Maoist party at the capital city Kathmandu. Party Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal-Prachanda welcomed him with the other new comers in a programme organized at Perish Hill in Katmandu.

The other new comers are former District Education Officer Mr. Bal Bahadur Pariyar, the former regional committee member of Nepal Workers and the Peasants party Chakraman Bishwakarma, the central committee member of Nepal Sewing Profession Association Bhojraj Shiwa, UML Jhapa District Committee Member Kamal Raj Luintel, UML active member Lal Bahadur Pariyar and others are Naresh Maharjan and Surendra Chudal.

Chairman Prachanda has assured that party will provide responsibilities themselves according to their efficiency. On the occasion, Prachanda admired the historic sacrifice, devotion and the dedication that was given from the dalit caste side as the ancient labour class. He, on the occasion, added that the rights that are necessary to empower the caste still left to be achieved; therefore, the duty has been to complete the struggle.

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