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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Drill Baby Drill

Anger is rising as oil spills into the Gulf of Mexico, according to ABC News. People living along the gulf, especially fishermen and those who depend on the ocean for a living are upset that both President Barrack Obama and BP oil executives have done little and made use of little outside help to control this huge man made disaster.
Maybe this will convince a few people that our attitude of economics and comfort over environment is just plain bad. People cared more about driving their cars than fish and birds that might be affected by an oil spill. This is just one oil rig disaster. The Tea Party has called for more of these drilling rigs at more dangerous places. Maybe it’s time for these people to wake up and pull their heads out.

The Palin Plan to deal with Gulf Coast Oil Spill Crisis

Palin's 'Drill Baby Drill' Vs. Oil Spill

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theo_bear said...

Drill less baby, drill baby