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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Anti-abortion activists look forward to the Republican victories

The Republican sweep last election day has given new hope to Anti-abortion leaders, not so much at the national level as much as at several state levels, including Kansas.
"I feel like a little boy on Christmas morning — which package do you open up first?" said Troy Newman, the leader of Operation Rescue, according to a bulletin by the National Organization for Women (NOW).
Also according to their bulletin, Operation Rescue is looking at toppling abortion rights with new regulations in New Mexico, Iowa and Kansas, where Sam Brownback, the Republican governor-elect, follows Democratic governors who vetoed some anti-abortion rights restrictions approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature. Abortion has been the lightning rod of the extreme right. The farther right the politician, the further they go to try and ban abortion. The Anti-abortion lobbyist want to pass regulation after regulation until abortion is so restricted, it is nearly illegal. These are just the legal tactics they use.
They also go outside the law, harassing clinic workers and those who do any type of business with them. It was just a year ago that Dr. George Tiller was murdered by an anti-abortionist extremist. This action effectively shut down abortion in Wichita altogether. Over the years the arson of clinics and the murder of abortion providers have drastically reduced the number of abortion providers in the US.
The new Republicans in the US House still have to deal with a Democratic Senate and a President who is likely to veto any of their anti-abortion legislation. As with the new health care bill, the new Republican House may focus on crippling Barack Obama with gridlock and then focus on getting rid of him in the next election. In the meantime they will focus on stopping abortion in the states they have won big in, such a Kansas.
A deceased victum of an illegal abortion.

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Anonymous said...

Steve this photo is shocking and horrendous. But I appreciate your insights on the GOP's coming plans.