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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Austin Reportback: Nepal’s Revolution & Our Uncharted Course

From Kasama Project;
The following is a report from “The Mountains Tremble: A Reportback from the Revolution in Nepal,” a talk given by Eric Ribellarsi in Austin, TX among other places. Another talk will soon be taking place in Hammond, Louisiana together with Jed Brandt.

By Eric Ribellarsi
We packed into a small class room at the Pinnacle Campus of Austin Community College, about 60 of us in total, almost solely students who were newer to politics. The event had been organized by Twelfth Revolution, a student group with a particular interest in the history of revolutions, and our FIRE collective.
My presentation here sought to take people through both the history of the revolution, what is currently unfolding, my personal experiences in Nepal, and the questions that this revolution poses to us in the US.
How can we learn from the creative breaks and summations of the communist revolutions of the 20th century that the Maobadi have begun to make? How can learn from the unconventional but profoundly revolutionary method of the Maobadi?
What responsibility do we have here in the US to defend this revolution? How can we learn from the experiences of revolution in Nepal to chart our own uncharted course, and make revolution in the ‘belly of the beast?’

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