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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Abortion returns to Wichita, along with protesters

When Dr. George Tiller was murdered, many pro-life groups proudly hailed that this event rid the City of Wichita of abortion once and for all. They believed they had won the battle. The believed they could keep abortion out of Wichita.
They were wrong. According to The Wichita Eagle; A Kansas City abortion clinic has been training two doctors to provide abortion services in Wichita following the death of George Tiller, a clinic spokesman said Wednesday.
According to the Article;

“Mila Means and Greg Linhardt decided to learn how to perform abortions at their Wichita medical practices after Tiller was shot to death by anti-abortion activist Scott Roeder in May 2009, said Aid For Women spokesman Jeff Peterson. Abortion services haven't been offered in Wichita since Tiller's death.”
The two will provide abortions sometime in the middle of next year. They do not plan to do late-term abortions as Dr. Tiller did.

Now the Pro-life will have to reorganize and plan to pester and threaten a new group of doctors. However, they may find their threats and intimidation won’t work. Thuggery just doesn’t always work. Many people dedicated to giving women their rights to choose an abortion are not going to let murderers and thugs stop something that is perfectly legal.
Protests have begun
Anti-abortion activist have already started to harass the new doctors, Mila Means and Greg Linhard, who are planning to open up an abortion clinic in Wichita.
They held a protest at the new clinic site, Saturday, Dec. 18. The local National Organization for Women set up a counter protest to let the antis know they will what they are up against and to show support for these new doctors.

 Protest and counter protest

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