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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Peace activist protest Tax Day for military spending


There will be protesters on Tax day, Monday, April 18, 4:30pm, 13th and Broadway by members of the Peace and Social Justice Centerof South Central Kansas.
The protesters will be handing out leaflets to people letting them know how much of their tax money goes to the US military budget.
This is a time when House Republicans are demanding deep cuts in government spending. So far all their targets have entitlement programs for the needy and cuts in education. The military has been like a sacred cow. It is a major part of the deficit and yet the Republicans keep ignoring it and keep cutting from the same programs.
According to the Peace and Social Justice website;
 Join us at 13th and Broadway, just west of the Peace Center, for a Tax Day Protest. More than half of our entire budget goes to unpopular, unnecessary, and wasteful wars and to over 700 military bases across the world. The US Government has extended the tax cuts for the rich for 2 more years and has refused to close the tax loopholes enabling many big corporations to pay no taxes. We are suffering cuts in education, health, community services, along with other social programs, and some in Congress are even threatening to privatize Social Security and Medicare. To solve the deficit problems, we need to end the wars and the tax cuts for the rich.
The statement covers the main point that military spending is causing our countries infrastructure to crumble while we spend millions on a bloated military complex. I will be joining the protesters to make people more aware of this imbalance.

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