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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Occupy Wichita continues

The Occupy Wichita is now part of the national and international movement, which takes up not only New York, but many large cities across the country and the world.
A number of young people have held vigils around the clock at the park that holds a statue commemorating the site of the historic 1958 Dockum sit-in.
That park, on Douglas, has become the head quarters for Occupy Wichita.
“We come when we can,” said Jess, an organizer and activist with Occupation Wichita.
She said they’ve kept at least 10 to 20 people on that site and some men stay overnight to keep watch over the belongings of those who stay there full-time.
“We can’t leave our stuff without people being here,” She added.
She said there are a lot of people coming on Weekday evenings and weekends. There were about 150 at 3pm, last Saturday. She said a lot of people come and go throughout each day.

“We’ve had a lot of internet drifters,” she added. “Every body contributes what they can.
She added that she is careful where she gets news from on the internet. She said she like factual sites that can verify their news.
“I like to serf the net for news I feel is reliable” Jess said. “I like and That way we can check on something Mitt Romney said. He often bends the facts.”
Some other young people told me that with global changes and other problems facing this nation, “shit is going to hit the fan and no one in government cares.” They are the ones who will have to live with these changes.
Luckily there have been no arrests yet, in Wichita.

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