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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Turmoil comes to Italy

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It's right to rebel ! It needs a proletarian and popular revolt ! One
solution revolution !

On October 15, more than 200,000 people rallied in Rome for a large
demonstration, coming from jobs, schools, neighborhoods throughout Italy,
organized by all the forces that oppose the government-not in parliament
where there is no real opposition - and the unloading of crisis on the
masses of our country.
Many of them have come not organized. Most of them came to Rome to develop
the conflict, to not repeat another colorful, traditional and harmless,
though massive, march in Rome, but with the will, desire and hope to besiege
the palaces of power, banks, to hit politically and socially the responsible
for the crisis, with the will, the desire and the hope to really affect the
situation in political and social life.
Against this will, desire and need, a minority of "outraged", institutional
pacifists, organizations and leaders of the "disobedient" and "united for
the alternative", cobas confederation etc. demanded the monopoly, they have
forced and operated so that the demonstration was peaceful and ordered, to
finally listen to their speeches and the traditional concert, in harmony
with what the parliamentary opposition wanted - the same they say they
fight - in tune with that part of the financial and industrial capitalists
who would also use this protest of 'Outrage' to encourage a change of
government, from Berlusconi, whoremonger and disgraced at the national and
international level, to a more serious government of masters. A
demonstration agreed with the Ministry of the Interior -with which the
gentlemen of the committee "October 15", Bernocchi, Casarini, cooperate -
with a path that aimed to weaken the demonstration. This has been the true
instrumentalization of the masses that had come to Rome, ie the riding the
tiger of the huge participation. As experienced politicians, they wanted and
have used the current levels of consciousness of a significant part of the
protesters for their own conscious goals of reformists, politicians,
smoke-sellers, and their personal careers.
It was absolutely necessary to blow this plan, it was necessary to rebel in
all possible forms against the failure of the demonstration, that would have
been its harmlessness, an empty babble for the televisions and media,
unanimously accepted by the bourgeoisie and its media.
The rebellion, organized and spontaneous, has occurred since beginning,
first by hundreds of young students, workers, temporary workers, unemployed,
then by several thousands. It found the immediate and planned reaction of
the Police, which used, as ever, from Genoa 2001 to the recent "no TAV"
movement, illegal military equipments to suppress the protesters with
armored vehicles and carousels that endangered the safety and lives of many
of them. So it was a battle, a great battle, which on several occasions has
put the police to flight.
The armored police van abandoned, burned, with the written 'Carlo Giuliani
lives' has shown an extraordinary image and the substance of the day.
The rebels have joined this rebellion to those that had crossed through
Europe, they have shown sharp and clear that what we need is the social
revolt. They have aroused the specter feared by all bourgeois, reformists
and people-seller politicians, from Casarini to Bernocchi, the specter of
the necessary and possible revolution, the only solution to exit the crisis
of capitalism and imperialism.
For this we can not but be part of the rebels, on the side of the rebels !
Of course all of us would have wished, and with the current few forces
available we went to Rome for this purpose, that really one hundred thousand
people had marched to the Prime Minister's palace and the Parliament - that
is what the majority of Italian workers and masses wanted, we challenge all
to say the opposite - to give a political sense and the objective for this
phase to this battle. If this did not happen, it is certainly not the fault
of those who have fought this battle, even paying a price of casualties,
arrests, and suffering the hideous and vile fascist criminalizing media
campaign, that joined as servants the false pacifist and Casarini-Bernocchi;
servants of the servants, because there are no doubts about the role of
servants played by the leaders of official trade unions and left-wing
parties, which always and every day are on the opposite side from the real
struggles, the real movements, the youth rebellion, from the proletarian and
mass uprising, when it occurs.
Of course we would have preferred a development like that of the battle
fought by the movement "No TAV" before, during and after July 3, but others
are those who have not done or failed to play their part in Rome, not the
Of course we are not 'black bloc', we are rather 'red bloc', but first of
all we are communist proletarian steadily engaged in class struggle, in
which we work to build a revolutionary party, a revolutionary united front,
the use of force of the working class, proletarians and masses, because we
think in all honesty that only this way the goals of the rebellion can be
achieved. And the rebellion does not contradict, but fuels the urgent need
to march on this path.
Now the bourgeoisie unleashes the repression, wants to pass special laws,
wants to ban demonstrations, first that of the Fiat and Fincantieri workers
on 21 October, to divert attention of the masses from the crisis and rather
focus on the "burnt cars of ordinary citizens".
The government of Berlusconi, Bossi, Romani, Scilipoti, backed by the
fascist cop Di Pietro - who returns to the origins - and by the stuttering
parliamentary opposition, at the service of the new government of the
masters in preparation, tries to save itself from discredit and crisis of
legitimacy, fostering the police state.
We must strongly oppose this path, and this should be clear to all kinds of
opposition to this government.
In doing so we have base ourselves on the struggling proletarians, the
students movement, the masses of poor and unemployed. Defending from
repression means to add to the complaint and the reasons of the rebels, of
which we are and feel part, and the democratic and anti-fascist struggle
against the special laws, the offensive of social struggles.
The strength of arguments of communists and revolutionaries: what is a
broken glass of a bank in comparison with the continuous robbery made by the
banking and financial system, up to the devastating crisis of the last
months, a natural expression of the capitalist system?
Who should go to jail in this country, bankers and corrupt politicians or
the young people who rebel?
How can you get out of this without a proletarian and social revolt that
overthrows this ruling class and opens the way for a revolution to put the
power in the hands of proletarians and masses?
We and all of us need avant-garde and mass struggle, we need the unity of
communists for the genuine revolutionary party, we need a revolutionary
front, we nee a proletarian front. We need these tools to support and be
conscious rebels, organized, to not revive the old paths that led to
miserable Bernocchi, Casarini and so on.

Freedom for the arrested comrades.
United front against repression and the police state.
Repression will not stop but fuel the rebellion.
The revolution is not a gala dinner .

proletarian communists - PCM Italy
October 18, 2011

ITALY- Riots in Rome - Italian Indignados Protest turns Violent


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