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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Kansas year in review

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;

For Kansas, this has been the year of less. Less spending on education, no spending on the arts, less regulations on corporations, and big business, and lots of regulations for the individual.
Let’s look at education. Drivers education is gone. Spanish is now the only foreign language offered to students. In the past year, three state agencies have abolished 2,050 jobs as funding cuts. That includes a lot of teachers. Funding for schools, social services and the arts have been slashed. In fact Kansas Governor Sam Brownback has cut all public funding of arts.
Kansas lost $31.5 millionbecause Brownback doesn’t believe we will ever have to spend money on Obama-care. He doesn’t believe in it so we lost all that money.


No list of Kansas is complete without constant attacks on abortion rights, abortion clinics and those who perform abortion.
So they have passed a law HB 2218, a ban on later term abortion with no exception for fetal anomaly or clear definition of physical conditions that would constitute a threat great enough to the mother to allow the procedure.
Federal judges have protected an avowed anti-abortion terrorist from keeping away from an abortionist doctor who plans to practice here in Wichita.
A federal judge refused the government's request for a preliminary injunction ordering Angel Dillard, of Valley Center, KS, to stay away from Dr. Mila Means, of Wichita, her clinic and her home.
Even though Dillard has written a letter threatening Means, the courts have ruled she is protected by the First Amendment of the constitution.
Wichita maintains five golf courses, with city funding.Meanwhile, The median household income in SedgwickCounty fell 2.8 percent between 2007 and 2010. Childhood poverty went up. Kansans unemployment benefits for those still unemployed.
Our Kansas legislators raked in tens of thousands of dollars from lobbyist including gifts and meals.
City and county officials ran shotgun over people, forcing them to accept landfills near their homes and spending their money on business ventures such as hotels. Locally we all know that land developers own Wichita and Sedgwick County and no group of citizens is going to get in the way of their get rich schemes.

 On the positive side, Wichita experienced a large and well organized Occupy Wichita movement. Almost 200 people showed up for the first march. There have been a steady group of people keeping that movement alive here in Wichita, despite our conservative image.


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