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Friday, June 08, 2012

“Pro-life” group plans for a monument to honour their attacks on women’s rights

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;

Ever since Pro-lifer Scott Roeder killed Dr. George Tiller, the “Pro-life” groups in Wichita have not had much activity with out any abortion clinics left to protest. The pro-life groups cause of stopping Tiller brought in lots of money and dedicated activist who spent all their time looking for new ways to harass Tiller and his supporters.
So now, according to KWCH Channel 12, in Wichita, a multimillion dollar pro-life memorial is planned for Wichita. It would be the worlds first and the backers of this plan believe it will make a statement that Wichita is “the pro-life capital of the world.” Pastor Mark Holick from Spirit One Church is spear-heading this effort.
There is a very large feminist community in Wichita and they have defended every abortion clinic the city has had up until the murder of Tiller. Some of these groups, including Trust Women, just held a memorial for Tiller last week. The Pro-life community has relied on constant harassment, in public and at people’s homes, to bully “pro-choice” group members. They have encouraged those who talked of shooting abortion providing doctors and across the country many pro-life individuals have taken up that tactic. There have been doctors shot and clinics bombed that have killed and wounded people who work for them.

“It’s an insult to women,” said Diane Whato, a long time pro-choice activist from Wichita. “Just think how many hungry post-born kids that money could feed and house--oh, I forgot. Once they're born, they don't count.”
Before Roeder shot and killed Tiller another would be assassin, Rachelle Ranae "Shelley" Shannon shot him on August 19, 1993. She winged him in the arms, wounding him but not killing him.
Cheryl Sullenger is a local Operation Rescue staff member in Wichita. She and her husband, Randall, both pled guilty in 1988 to conspiring to blow up the Alavarado Medical Center abortion clinic with a gasoline bomb. She served two years in U.S. federal prison.
According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “On Jan. 29, a nail-packed bomb exploded outside the New Woman All Women Health Care Center in Birmingham, Ala., killing off-duty police officer Robert "Sande" Sanderson and maiming nurse Emily Lyons.” Lyons still suffers medical complications from the shrapnel wounds she got from the explosion.
Building such a memorial after these murders is a lot like rubbing salt into the wounds of the pro-choice community. This is a community that has endured insults, jeers and threats from people who have constantly asserted they are above the law and free to use any method against abortion clinics, legal or illegal.
There is nothing we can do legally to try and stop this memorial. We can make our own publicity to let the world know there is a pro-choice community in Wichita and remind people that this monument is built on the blood of abortion doctors and clinic staff who have had the courage to defend what they believe in—safe and legal abortions.

In front are two statues of Pro-life activist who put Wichita on the map--Pastor Mark Holick from Spirit One Church (right) and Scott Roeder, Dr. George Tiller’s Killer (left). I’m sure they both got inspiration from each other. -សតិវ អតុ


Anonymous said...

I was one of Dr. Tiller's attempts at abortion, one who lived; one of the very lucky few (he botched his procedure, so here I am). And I'm half blind because of that jerk. So, if you ask me about some memorial for Tiller, I say you're for the wrong guy. Instead, build it for Scott Roeder, "The Hero of Kansas." As as far as the pro-choice feminists who would have had me terminated, they can kiss off.

Salamander 奥托 said...

I’m truly sorry that your abortion was blotched. If there is one person in the world who I would love to have had aborted, you are one of them. The world would be a much better place without people like you and there are many like you who we really don’t need around.
You celebrate a man who murdered a doctor in a church. You sound like a true fundamentalist Christian and one reason so many of us avoid that religion altogether. Roeder caused a lot of grief to the family of Tiller and to celebrate him as a hero is no better than making a hero out of Ted Bundy.
There is no gain in keeping you, no loss in getting rid of you.

Anonymous said...

You celebrate a man who murdered the innocent unborn.

And no, I'm not a fundamentalist Christian. Even folks across the boundaries of faith can see how evil late term election abortion is.

You say Roeder is like Ted Bundy, but how so? Bundy killed for convenience, many times, just as Tiller did. Roeder killed to stop the slaughter of unborn innocents.

You are a blight on humanity; upside down in your thinking and morality. Go look at some diagrams of infant development stages, especially around month seven, and see if you still tell yourself that innocent life can be terminated upon a whim.