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Monday, June 25, 2012

The Syrian question and a Syrian voice

There has been much debate between leftists on whether or not to support Bashar al-Assad, in Syria. There is almost unanimous opposition to supporting NATO or US troops to support rebels in that country. But do we support Assad? Is it really true that not supporting Assad is the same as supporting NATO?
It is a question of anti-imperialist support for a government or more specifically anti- imperialist support that favours actual socialist revolutionaries.
I believe we should try to support socialist, Marxists or Maoists groups when ever possible. This would include those Maoists in Iran. We can oppose the US interference and attacks on Iran. We can defend its sovereignty, but we should not abandon support for Maoist revolutionaries in that country. សតិវ អតុ

Below is an article from the left wing of the Syrian Communist Party;

Defending the homeland as well as the people’s interests

Between clear communism and mysterious «left»
By Dr. Ammar Bagdache, member of political bureau of Syrian Communist Party
In the context of accompanying public information campaign to prepare for the extraordinary meeting of communist and workers parties in Damascus,  «Annour»  newspaper(No. / 394 / «Annour» new) held an Interview with Dr. Khaled Hdadeh Secretary-General of the Lebanese Communist Party, which put forward some views and ideas which can be discussed. 
Dr. Khaled Hdadeh answer to the question about the importance of such meetings between the communist and workers' parties literally as follows: «We would like first to emphasize the importance of joint meetings and coordination of positions between the communist and worker parties at the international level, especially at this stage of human history, these meetings be established to identify confrontation programs and its methods with neo-liberal globalization and especially its head United States ». 
Well Dear Comrade Secretary General of the Lebanese Communist Party, you see the main task of these meetings is to face the globalization of neo-liberal, and especially the United States. But the majority of communist parties which participate in international  meetings have the view that its task is to confront imperialism, i.e., the highest stage of capitalism, and its striking power U.S. imperialism. In order not to be seen as not documented, let's see, for example but not limited to, the theme of the meeting of the Tenth International Communist and Workers Parties held in Sao Paulo (Brazil) in November / 2008 /. The theme: “New phenomena in the international developments. Deterioration of national, social and environmental problems, intensification of the intra-imperialist (yes imperialist) contradictions and rivalries. The struggle for peace, democracy, sovereignty progress and socialism and the joint action of Communist and Workers’ Parties”
The theme of the regular eleventh meeting (yes, the regular and not the extraordinary, the seminar), which will be held in India and the theme will be: «the international capitalist crisis (yes, capitalism and not the neo-liberal Dear Dr. Esquire), people's and worker's struggle, alternatives and the role of the communist and working class movement (yes, class, and not vague left). This is endorsed by the Working Group at its meeting held in Athens in February / 2009 /, and as I remember that Dr. Khaled Hdadeh was present at this meeting. 
Some might say that it is only a slight difference in names, but these names reflect the vision system of intellectual and political positions derived from. It is something good that the left Progressive intellectuals struggle against what he called «neo-liberal globalization» But the Communist must struggle against imperialism and against capitalism in general. Thus, it appears the difference between these two phenomena. At the margin must be said that neo-liberalism as policy and method has fallen positions seriously, and this is what we see not only in the practical policy of the centers of international capitalism, where the interventionist role of the state increase significantly, but in the declarations of the presidents of imperialist states, and no doubt that Dr.  Khaled Hdadeh, who pays interest to the French issue, has a look at comments by President Nicolas Sarkozy in this regard. Yes... We are the Communists, with the decline of neo-liberalism, we find a fertile ground for the continuation of our general struggle against capitalism and imperialism, but what will remain of the left Progressive intellectual, it remains for him to find another subject does not have a class crude name which does not harm (God forbid)the hearing of civilized world. Words such as imperialism and class struggle and the dictatorship of the proletariat and the proletarian internationalism and others are sharp words which is organically ostracized by the new left European and whom his leftism brought many of the revolutionary parties to the entire mass, of course, the imitators in the third world seek to advance to follow the lead of innovators such as Western renovationist Robert Hugh, Fausto Bertinotti and Santiago Carrillo and others. 

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