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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kansas a main source for Republican Party funding


Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;

Kansas is among the highest in donations to the Republican Party, about fifth. From Kansas alone. Party members have raised $1,804,331.
Part of that may be due to the headquarters of Koch Industries being located in Wichita. Koch has given generously to Kansas candidates in the past. Rep. Todd Tiahrt was one of koch’s main recipient with more than $100,000 given per election.
Still there are a lot of big donors from Kansas and the largest are corporations and small businesses. According to The Wichita Eagle; Jeff Johnson, president of Flint Hills National Golf Club and a partner in several restaurant operations, along with his wife gave $5,000 to Mitt Romney. That is the maximum allowed them.
There is little doubt this is not just a gift for the good of the country, it is an investment. They hope their businesses will get more tax breaks and fewer regulations from the Republican candidate.
It seems unlikely that a working class person, struggling to get buy could give much towards the Democrats, who have traditionally claimed to champion the workers and common laborer. However, President Barack Obama did manage to raise $513,544, right here in Kansas..
The Wichita Eagle also said that Romney had a lacklustre showing at the Kansas Republican caucuses in March. Yet he still raised $648,631.
According to The Wichita Eagle, this is what Kansans have given to presidential campaigns during the 2012 election cycle;
All candidates, $1,804,331
Republicans, $1,288,602
Democrats, $513,544
Obama, $513,544
Source: Federal Election Commission
Also the ranking among other states;
These are the are states with the highest percentage of political contributions for Republican candidates, at the federal level during the 2012 election cycle;
Mississippi, 87%
South Dakota, 81%
Tennessee, 80%
North Dakota, 74%
Kansas, 73%
Alabama, 72%
Nebraska, 71%
Source: Center for Responsive Politics

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