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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Occupy Wichita takes on police brutality

Occupy Wichita has been working on cases of police brutality. One of the latest cases is that of the March deadly police shooting of Marquez Smart.
According to the Occupy Wichita website, Smart, who was 23, had no criminal record, and was not in a gang, nor known to carry or own a firearm.
As usual Nola Foulston, District Attorney for the Eighteenth Judicial District of Kansas, on November 8, had found no wrong doing by the police and decided that their shooting of a young man who was running away from the scene was perfectly justified.
This is not unusual, because in her entire career as District Attorney, she has never found any problems with any police shootings. She has never once found any improprieties with any shootings. She has been nothing more than a rubber stamp for the police department.
According to the Occupy Wichita web site;

“The DA’s report relies heavily on witness statements from the chaotic scene that night, as several crowded clubs closed their doors for the night, filling Old Town’s Mosely Street with intoxicated patrons.
There is not one shred of physical evidence tying Marquez Smart to the 45. caliber pistol police say Smart dropped as he was shot. There is not one shred of physical evidence tying Smart to either of the magazine cartridges, nor any of the shells casings that were fired, or on the individual bullets that were still contained within the magazines. Smart’s fingerprints were not found on the gun, the magazine cartridges or the bullets.”

Occupy Wichita is planning to have \General Assembly at Chester Lewis Park at Douglas between Broadway and Market (12:00 noon on Mondays and Saturdays) Monday GA is at the South Entrance to the Court House at 455 North Main. For protests on Saturdays, see Events, Calendar or Home Page. Sundays from 3 to 5 pm.
What is really needed is an outside investigation into a long history of suspicious police shootings in Wichita. People have been shot, unarmed. Right now, the Wichita Police seem to have a green-light to shoot anyone they want under any circumstances, as long a Nola Foulston is the DA.
Marquez Smart.

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