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Saturday, January 05, 2013

Kansas school-- Sunflower Elementary, in Andover--promotes US militarism, needless occupation and a country based on war

Once again The Wichita Eagle has printed a story that glorifies our soldiers who are fighting a war to keep Afghanistan (افغانستان ), a US colony.

A teacher at Sunflower Elementary, in Andover, helped promote our occupation of Afghanistan, by encouraging her students to write letters and some students even prayed for a specific Air National Guardsman of Fargo, ND.
Last week the teacher arranged the surprise visit, by the guardsman.
The Wichita Eagle showed a picture of the Guardsman pointing out Afghanistan on a map. In Kansas our schools don’t really care if our students can find countries where important things are happening. It is ironic that the Guardsman had to show the students where this “important” war is being fought.
The Guardsman said he was glad to be back. That can’t be said for the people he killed while he was in that country.
The constant glorification of our military occupying and nation building, while telling our young people that our soldiers are “stopping the bad guys,” “defending our freedom” and “freedom isn’t free.” All this crap is an outright lie and I’m personally sick of hearing it.

Besides the Taliban, there are other groups of Afghanistan who want their country back and want to run their own affairs. For example see Refworld. or Shola Jawid. Afghanistan people have never liked having other people run their country. Many have tried, from the, Mongols, The British to the Soviet Union. Is it any surprise that some Afghanistan soldiers have turned on their occupiers and killed them unexpectedly?

This country is nothing more than an empire that steals the resources of others while claiming we are just defending ourselves. I’m personally getting sick of all these lies. -សតិវ អតុ 

While congress talks about budget cuts, we have the largest military budget in the world. It dwarfs all the other countries. Yet as congress argues over cuts to entitlement programs that people rely on, they never cut the military budget. Our people are expendable, but not our military empire.

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