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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oppose Imperialist Aggression Against the DPRK!

From Partisan No. 37 * April 19, 2013_

The Yankee imperialists and their lapdogs in the media have yet again escalated their rhetoric against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK, "North Korea") and have matched this ramped-up talk with actions meant to inflame
tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Most recently, the US carried out
military exercises, which involved the flight of B-2 stealth bombers
through DPRK airspace. Such an obviously aggressive move must be met both
with disdain from the people of the world and with a clear showing by the
North Koreans that they will not be terrorized. For their part, the
government of the DPRK has scheduled a rocket test meant to demonstrate
that theirs is not a country to be trifled with and that they are prepared
to defend themselves should the need arise.

The crisis, which is mounting
on the Korean Peninsula, has been an unprecedented propaganda coup for the
imperialists. The country which has the highest incarceration rate on the
globe, has killed millions of people in the imperialist adventures that
define its history and has shown an active disdain for the well-being of
the people of the world has managed to dominate the discourse and frame its
aggression is defensive, its own exploitative interests are those of the
Korean people and any opposition to their domination is literally a
manifestation of insanity.

Whatever issues we have with the DPRK or its
_Juche _ideology, it is the unequivocal duty of revolutionaries to oppose
the imperialist aspirations of their own ruling class. This contradiction
becomes primary and it is around this call that we must rally: no
imperialist harassment against the North Korean people! Oppose imperialist
aggression against the DPRK!

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