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Sunday, June 16, 2013

International Day of Support to the People’s War in India—July 1

 From Comitato Sostegno GP India:

July 1, 2013, is International Day of Support to the People’s War in India
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In the anniversary of the martyrdom of comrade Azad, leader of the CPI(M), beloved by the revolutionary masses in India and the peoples in the world, all proletarian and ant imperialist forces strengthen their support to the People's war and honor all the martyrs of the revolution.

Nothing can subdue the fighting spirit of the revolutionary
people of India and the CPI(M).
The Indian regime has unleashed suppression:
murders, rapes, massacres - the infamous Operation Green Hunt - against the oppressed and fighting people of the country in general
and the adivasis in particular, against Maoist leaders and cadres, in order to crush the rebellion of people and stop the march of the
People's War towards a New Democratic and ant imperialist power.
But the people's war cannot be stopped. The people's war with an historic attack hit the political rulers responsible for inhuman atrocities and fascist terror against masses.
Rulers in India were in the big illusion that they were unbeatable, but the People are invincible. People only are the makers of the history.

Now more than ever the international support to the people’s war cannot be stopped. After the great international Conference in
Hamburg on 24 November, an international day of support in various countries is launched on 1st July The people's war in India is our war against imperialism and our best support is to intensify the ant imperialist struggle on world-level!

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