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Monday, June 17, 2013

No US Intervention in Syria!

From The Cahokian:


Predictably, and just in time to attempt to redirect national discussion away from all those pesky leaks about government spying, President Obama has announced that in light of his determination that the Syrian government used chemical weapons "against their own people," the U.S. would commence openly arming the opposition Free Syrian Army. Disappointingly for those of us who love a good hack job, no proof of the alleged WMD use was offered, which means no embarrassing pictures were taken of government officials posing in front of hastily doctored and captioned photos. Who says the US government has learned nothing from its mistakes? Anyway, as of this writing there's some dispute about whether the misleadingly-named no-fly zone will be applied to Syrian airspace, since what that actually means is that presumably NATO airforces would have to bomb the crap out of Syria to enforce the grounding of Syrian jets.

I offer up this lovely postcard from Southeast Asia in the 1960s with its brilliantly mocking original caption as a model for what I believe should happen to any US or NATO military airplanes crowding Syrian airspace. Pay attention: the more powerful nation doesn't always win.

The day will come when the Syrian people will kick out brutal rulers like the Assads on their own. But meanwhile, the agenda for those of us in the United States who oppose imperialism is now clear: we must unite to stop US intervention. All you liberals and alleged progressives who united to oppose Bush's attack on Iraq, now is the time to realize that Barack Obama is just as much an enemy of peace and justice as Bush was. It's time to act.

U.S./NATO Hands Off Syria!

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