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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Kansas legislatures show contempt for Kansas State Courts


Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;

The same Kansas legislatures who have given generous tax cuts for their wealthy backers are now suggesting that they don’t feel any need to abide by the decisions of the Kansas Supreme Court.
After years of cuts made to education, with teachers being laid off, resources and classes cut, some music classes and driver’s education was eliminated, The Rev. Jeff Gannon had finally had enough. He took the irresponsible actions of the Kansas Government to court, the Kansas Supreme Court. If the Court rules in favor of Gannon, it may order the state to pay up to $450 million in finances back to the public schools.
The Wichita Eagle ran a large article on the struggle between Gannon and the Kansas legislature. In it such high profile legislators as Rep. Steve Brunk from Wichita and Senate President Susan Wagle have suggested they will just ignore the ruling of the Supreme Court and continue to do what they feel like.
Brunk told The Wichita Eagle that he believes there is enough votes in the Senate and House to just ignore what the Supreme Court rules and “we might just say to the court that deciding expenditures is not your responsibility, thank you, and we’ll take it from here,” He also suggested there’s a mood to give the courts the finger,
That’s a lot of contempt for people who are supposed to be in charge of running the state. They seem to think they have all the power they need, by getting elected, to do whatever they want.
Education spending per pupil has gone done three years in a row, according; 2009: 12.631; 2020:12,267; 2012:12,226; 2023:12,595. For two years, it went way down and even though it went up slightly the following year, it went up to lest that the three year before and expenses went up that last year.
It is clear that underfunding education is a major role played by the present Governor Sam Brownback his Tea Party Republican allies.
The Wichita Eagle quoted David Trabert president of the Kansas Policy Institute, another phony conservative think tank. He mention the promotion of charter schools, which are being used nation-wide to bypass, teacher’s unions, pay and benefits. It also allows for conservative standards that amount to just “teaching to the test.” The worst part of charter school system ishow much money will be sucked off of the public school system and in Kansas, the public school system is already in shambles.
The time has come for the citizens of this state to let their Kansas legislators need to be impeached for violating the Kansas constitution, its courts and the idea that they can just “give the courts the finger” And that finger is a product of the people of this state. Our legislators have shown the state’s people nothing but contempt and it is time to show them the door.

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