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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Press already exonerates Zimmerman—case proves racism

In much of the press, including Yahoo News, George Zimmerman has already been found “not guilty.” The prosecution keeps focusing on who was beating on who when Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. The fact that Zimmerman chased after him after police said not to, and harassed Martin because he was a black man in a mostly white neighborhood doesn’t seem to matter.
It also doesn’t seem to matter that Zimmerman routinely harassed people without good reason while working on his neighborhood patrol route.
Probably the worst article I have read implies that racist while people just couldn’t believe the prosecution’s star witness, Rachel Jeantel, because she was “ghetto trash.” That was all in a Yahoo News article a few days ago. The article said;
“Nineteen-year-old Rachel Jeantel holds some of the most critical information about the Trayvon Martin murder case. Yet her delivery on the stand in Seminole County this week drew widespread criticism.
She was hard to understand, mumbled, acted impertinent, annoyed, rude, and came across, as one cable TV news host said, as a “train wreck.”
But the torrent of negative reaction across bar stools and Twitter became more telling than Ms. Jeantel’s simple testimony relating what she heard on the phone as she talked to Mr. Martin before the sound of a “thud” on wet grass and a disconnected line….
While some have rushed to defend Jeantel’s multi-lingual background, others leaned hard into her personally, letting fly on social media a swirl of epithets that roughly amounted to dismissal of her as “ghetto trash,” as one commenter said. That reaction has steered the trial into a new phase, reflecting, some commentators argue, more on America’s privileged classes, including blacks, than Jeantel’s trustworthiness as a star witness.”
This shows that the US Supreme Court justices were living in a fantasy world when they struck down parts of the Voting Rights Act because the US is no longer a racist country.
Little attention is paid to the fact that Zimmerman routinely went after people like that without any due cause. He followed Martin without any real reason other than he was a black male in a mostly white neighborhood. Zimmerman is a racist punk who thinks he is a John Wayne style vigilante who can pester anyone he wants for any reason because he is packing heat. He is typical of the kind of sickos/ NRA/ paranoid punks who want such cruel and deceiving laws such as Stand Your Ground. It appears as if this case will go nowhere, but the Stand Your Ground law should go and we should have the right to prosecute vigilante punks who believe a gun gives them power to push others around—especially when they are racists.

-សតិវ អតុ

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