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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Organizations around the world support the revolution in India

Organizations around the world are supporting the revolution in India, which is largely led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist). Most of the countries in Europe have a solidarity committee of some kind to support India’s revolution. There have also been calls to stop the arbitrary arrest of Raj kishore Singh , General Secretary of the Revolutionary Democratic Front of India. Conferences are being planned for next year for a coordinated effort to support India’s revolution. Here in the US, many of us have covered these events, but actual support committees are not wide spread yet. This blog and Kasama Project have given a lot of coverage to the Indian revolution, but it might take a while to be able to interact with our European counter-parts.
-សតិវ អតុ
This is from the India Solidarity (Sweden):
Comrades and friends,

The board of India Solidarity (Sweden) have today decided to support the
first 8 points in the document (21th September) by the International
Committee to Support the Peoples War India (CSPWI). Point 9 and 10 is not a
question for our organization which is united on a anti-imperialist and
anti-feudal platform.

1. The maximum mass diffusion and study of Ganapathy PCIm Documents in all
languages possible.

*We will make a plan for the translation of important documents to Swedish
and print a collection of during 2014.*

2. The development on the organisative and political plan of the national
committees and national coordination in all countries of all various forces
that support people's war India with the target of development of prolonged
campaigns in the next 6 months.

*We will contact other political forces in Sweden for this purpose.*

3. The birth of a new and complete international website for information
and counter-information in the world, in English, Spanish and original
languages, ready for 25 November 2013.

*We will support the site with information in swedish and english if

4. The launch of a new unified international campaign - starts 5 October
2013 - against Indian Government’s attacks against SAIBABA, Students for
Resistance, Artists and Intellectuals. This campaign must be developed in
all Universities, Schools, and Intellectual AREA in all countries.

*The board will discuss how this can be developed the coming month and
decide on some points of action.*

5 . The development a new international day for the 4000 Maoist and popular
political prisoners and for the liberation of some PCIm leaders - this day
will be fixed after 25 November after international consultation.

*The board will act to inform the public in Sweden on the situation of the
political prisoners in India and develop some kind of local actions when
the day is set. *

6. For 2014 - International Committee develops a planified work for an
OPPOSE Operation Green Hunt

*The board have decided to try to send a delegation to India during 2014.*

7. The most important decision - for the 10th anniversary of PCIm
foundation - International Committee support people's war in India with all
Maoists, revolutionaries, anti-imperialists forces organized a
Second International Conference of support - possible not in Europe.
Convocation for this new conference will be issued in the spring 2014.

*The board will try to send a delegate to a coming conference.*

8. International Committee SPW India supports the liberation struggle of
Philippines and partecipes to all supporters initiatives, IC support all
people's wars and all armed anti-imperialist struggles in the world .

*The board will publish news on the liberation struggle in the Philippines
and inform the **Philippines society in Sweden.*

Solidarity greetings,

India Solidarity (Sweden), Stockholm, 2013-11-10

Arbitrary arrest of Raj kishore Singh, General Secretary of the Revolutionary Democratic Front of India
From Brazilian Center of Solidarity with the Peoples – CEBRASPO:
A Google translation;
For the immediate and unconditional release of Raj kishore !
Kshore Raj Singh is the leader of the popular movements in India and was one of the prominent voices against the war from the Indian state to its people miserable. It has been one of the main spokesmen of the fight against the so-called Operation Green Hunt , a campaign of persecution of activists and poor people which is being executed by the reactionary army at the behest of the Indian central government with the support of state governments .
The arrest of Raj kshore was not an isolated act of the Indian state that has systematically hunted people linked to the struggle of the people criminalizing leaders and grassroots activists , such as the recent case of Saibaba , the arrest and incarceration of the executive members Dandapani Mohanlalty in Orissa , Raja Sarkhel Bengal West Bengal RDF Committee Member Prasun Chatterjee .
We condemn the arrest of Raj Singh kshore and criminalization of activists and social movements . We demand immediate and unconditional release !
Prisão arbitrária de Raj kishore Singh, Secretário Geral da Frente Democrática Revolucionária da Índia
The oritional:
Pela libertação imediata e incondicional de Raj kishore!

Raj kshore Singh é dirigente dos movimentos populares na Índia e foi uma das vozes destacadas contra a guerra do Estado indiano ao seu povo miserável. Tem sido um dos principais porta-vozes da luta contra a chamada Operação Caçada Verde, uma campanha de perseguição aos militantes e ao povo pobre que vem sendo executada pelo exército reacionário a mando do governo central indiano com apoio de governos estaduais.

A prisão de Raj kshore não foi um ato isolado do Estado indiano que tem caçado sistematicamente pessoas ligadas à luta do povo criminalizando os dirigentes e ativistas populares, como o recente caso de Saibaba, a detenção e encarceramento dos membros executivos Dandapani Mohanlalty em Orissa, Raja Sarkhel de Bengala Ocidental , Bengala RDF Membro do Comitê Prasun Chatterjee.

Repudiamos a prisão de Raj kshore Singh e a criminalização dos ativistas e movimentos sociais. Exigimos imediata libertação incondicional!
Centro Brasileiro de Solidariedade aos Povos - CEBRASPO

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