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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Katy Perry visits Madagascar for UNICEF—sees how the third world lives

I always like it when a celebrity gets out of the spotlight and gets a look at how the “other people” live. Any person in the US who can afford to travel to a third world country should do that to see what it is like to live there. It is a shock for many to see that in some parts of the world people have no electricity and may of the conveniences we take for granted. It seems Katy Perry has done just that. She has been making trips to Madagascar. Recently Yahoo news reported on a trip by singer Katy Perry.
Perry has recently been appointed as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. She wants to focus attention on children with disabilities. She will be traveling to other underdeveloped countries.
According to Yahoo News there are other stars that have traveled to underdeveloped countries such as David Beckham, Susan Sarandon and Orlando Bloom, as a part of UNICEF.
Perry has taken the time to visit an “underdeveloped” country and has seen the reality of how the people there live. She said in an interview what an eye opener it was.
As a person who has been to El Salvador and Nicaragua, I realize it is a humbling experience to see a less rosy version of reality that I was used to in the US.
This gives this young celebrity a chance to develop a conscious of how the rest of the world lives and her country’s role in it. She is not just another empty head living in a bubble of public worship.

-សតិវ អតុ

Also according to Yahoo News;

Katy Perry does not live in a bubble.
Despite having an army of more than 48 million Twitter followers, loads of music awards, and the constant heat of the spotlight, a four-day trip to Madagascar burst any kind of illusion that was surrounding her.
“The experience still continues to change me and reshape my thinking,” said Perry. “Everyone should take this kind of trip. It popped my bubble for sure.”
…During her April visit to Madagascar, she visited some of the island nation’s most remote areas. Perry met young children who had never heard her infectious hits like “Teenage Dream” or “Roar,” songs that have earned Perry a consistent spot at the top of the charts.
…. She left Madagascar with a greater appreciation for the bond among families.
“This love that they have for each other, that’s not based on material possessions, that’s not based on social status, that’s not based on Instagram likes because there are no Instagram likes. It’s incredible that they are trading this unconditional love of sorts.”

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