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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Hail 45th Anniversary of New Peoples Army Philippines

From The Central Committee                                                                                                                 
The Communist Party of Manipur;                                                                                   

Maoist Communist Party Manipur and all the revolutionary masses of Manipur are extending strong support and revolutionary solidarity to Filipino Comrades in connection with 45th anniversary of New People’s Army (NPA) of the Communist Party of the Philippines. We Hope that the NPA would continue the revolutionary war with indomitable determination, not hesitating for any kind of sacrifices in order to make success the New Democratic Revolution. We also pledge to be a strong co-combatant to the Filipino revolutionary movement as an inseparable part of world Proletarian revolution. We would thus contribute our bit, with proletarian internationalism to serve the world proletarian revolution and stand firmly in support of the success of NDR in Philippines.The great people of Philippines, CPP and NPA are invincible. The working class and oppressed nationalities and people of the world are with you. Advance! Ultimately, victory would be yours! Defeat would be to the US imperialists and their Philippine lackeys. New People’s Army (NPA) was formed on the 29th of March 1969 with sixty revolutionary commanders and warriors with 9 automatic rifles and 20 country-made weapons. The new revolutionary leadership studied the experiences of the Filipino revolution in the light of history and applied Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the Philippine society depending on its positive achievements. In order to destroy the obsolete semi-colonial, semi-feudal system, the party formulated the general political and military line of Protracted People’s War. It also formulated proper strategy and tactics to bring together and organise the proletariat, peasantry, students, youth,intellectuals, women, nationalities and minorities. This created the basis for the revolutionary armed struggle in the countryside and the secret revolutionary movement and legal mass movement in the cities. On the otherhand, it started efforts together with various Maoist organisations and parties in the international level for the World Socialist revolution and to fulfil the tasks of the international proletariat. Soon after the NPA was formed in 1969,it conducted several attacks in 1970 on the armed forces of the Philippines government. Until 1979, the NPA mainly operated as armed propaganda squads and guerilla squads. In 1979, platoons and company-size units were gradually started. Sparrow units were formed in the plain areas. Armed partisan units and small guerilla squads worked secretly in the areas of enemy control. The NPA has been tempered in many battles. At present, it is capable of giving strong blows to the enemy across the country through tactical counter offensives in a short span of time. It has gained experience and confidence in the struggle against the enemy, in propagating revolution. It has achieved great success in gaining the support of the peasantry and other masses for the armed movement.NPA expanded its activities to thousands of barrios in the seventy provinces of the country and hundreds of towns and cities. It has a base of lakhs of masses.Lakhs of people are organised in around 1600 towns and 800 cities. NPA has emerged as a strong weapon in the hands of the Revolutionary Party. As a result of regular recruitment, training and the intensified tactical counter-offensive, the number of red NPA warriors have increased in thousands.Their morale is high. So the peasantry and the activists are inevitably joining the people’s army. The people’s army which has been united with the peasantry has become a decisive force in advancing the armed agrarian revolution. Thef act is that the recent illegal arrest can’t be able to foil the most practically experience and politically tempered New People’s Army of the Communist Party of The Philippines. In such an adverse situation, the NPA have to be convicted strongly in favour of armed struggle and fight against the reactionary Dogs. In such an adverse situation, all the Maoist Party of the world must be unite and support the Peoples War in Philippines

(Comrade Nonglen Meitei)
Secretary Publicity and propaganda,
Maoist Communist Party Manipur.
From Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine

الجبھة الشعبية لتحرير فلسطين

March 16, 2014

Dear comrades of the New People’s Army, the Communist Party of the Philippines, and National Democratic Front of the Philippines,

On behalf of our General Secretary, Ahmad Sa’adat, our Deputy General Secretary, Abu Ahmad Fuad, and all comrades and members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and on behalf of the military wing of the PFLP, the Abu Ali Mustafa Brigades, we extend a strong red salute to the comrades and fighters of the New People’s Army on the 45th anniversary of your founding.

The New People’s Army and its leadership, the Communist Party of the Philippines, have been since their founding a true revolutionary movement of fighters, grounded in the people, liberating land, liberating lives, and standing on the front lines to combat imperialism, feudalism, bureaucrat‐capitalism, and dictatorship. The NPA has given many martyrs to the cause of liberation, justice and socialism over its history. Those who have fallen are honored martyrs to our movement as well, as we struggle together to defeat our common enemies and achieve our joint liberation.

Your courage, commitment and revolutionary theory and practice have created true liberated areas and presented an unbending political and military challenge to imperialism and its puppet regimes, to feudalism, capitalism, and all forms of exploitation and oppression. Wherever the NPA is fighting, it is a fight of, by, and for the people, and a fight for a new, revolutionary and transformative future free of the shackles of imperialism and exploitation. The NPA is a true resistance, a true liberation force, and a true people’s army engaged in people’s war.

We in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine salute you. You have always been firm allies of our people’s revolutionary resistance to defeat Zionism and imperialism in Palestine and our Arab homeland. We march together and struggle together on the road to liberation, return, freedom and true social justice. The people of Palestine and the people of the Philippines stand together to confront our common enemies, in a joint struggle against the ravages of imperialism and its plunder of our land and people, and to achieve victory for the workers, peasants and popular classes.

Our parties, alongside liberation fighters around the world, have been labeled as “terrorists”. We know that the real terror is that of imperialism, Zionism, and their puppets. The resistance and struggle of the people, with armed struggle at the center and the forefront, is not one of terror. It is one of liberation, and one which will bring about a new society and a new world.

We salute you, our revolutionary comrades, in our collective march toward people’s liberation. We are certain that the defeat of imperialism is certain and that victory for our people, for the Palestinian Revolution and the Philippine Revolution, is inevitable.

*Long live the New People’s Army and the Communist Party of the
Long live the National Democratic Front of the Philippines!*

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