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Monday, May 05, 2014

Argentina—Act of as May 1st in Congress

From Revolutionary Communist Party Argentina;
A Google translation;
The CTA Capital, CCC Capital and the MST marked International Workers Day against the National Congress with a fighting measure.
With claims adjustment and precarious enough , $ 9000 minimum wage , 82 % mobile, not the criminalization of protest , freedom of association and democracy , and a document signed by the convening organizations this day was developed.

Adela Zalzman, by PCR and PTP, said “May 1st is a day in which workers ratified the historic task, which is to end the exploitation bases, and with our people achieve national emancipation and social. When some want to bring up to these goals as utopias, we say, was the proletariat and power in the world, for decades it established in a third of the global sphere. We have defeated does not mean we have been defeated, and as we shall return."
He noted that "we are taking in every corner of our country fighting this policy setting will putting us in poverty and unemployment, and no prospects for our young people.” Also reported that “there has not been a national industrial development for breaking the dependency, but the most abhorrent corruption runs each traded being conducted by this government. Because the victim Cristina that large companies have not invested in energy becomes. But who were those who signed the privatization of YPF and today we sell a part of Chevron and pay compensation to Repsol, have left us as self-sufficient in energy and we have to import it? And come the light settings and gas pay from our pockets."
"This decade has concentrated extranjerizado production, and has done nothing to open the curtains closed during the Menem . All this to say that the cultivation of soy monkey that has led to this government enriching landowners and large exporters, has run the meat , milk, and wheat growing , vegetables and fruits we need in our family tables and we buy gold prices . And this because they want to get into the issue of debt or embarrassing approach to the IMF. "
He finished his words calling strike together this policy in a large where workers - employed, unemployed and retired - originating , poor and middle peasants , students, small entrepreneurs, intellectuals, all who are interested from a democratic , national position popular front oligarchic and imperialist, we organize and build a big fist towards national and social liberation of our people . "
Guillermo Pacagnini, (Sec. Gen. of CICOP), coordinator of the current MST union, claimed responsibility for the May 1 as a day of action. He denounced the fierce government setting, and the importance of workers have taken to deal with it, as with the national strike and piquetazo April 10. And it raised the support teachers Salta fighting for 30 days and the need for a national strike of 36 hours with mobilization.
By the Ministry of Gender CTA Capital, brought his greeting Jorgelina Sosa and remembered in this May 1 these 129 companions burned in Chicago for claiming 8 hours of work, and since the CTA are claiming historical flags working class. In relation to gender violence said " we want our colleagues to join us and understand that we have to fight together to end the institutional and family violence that women suffer."

Rodolfo Kempf, Board of Internal ATE CONEA laying Clasista and Combative Current, paid homage to the martyrs of Chicago who fought for 8 hours and they opened a way to end the exploitation of man by man.
He noted that in the struggle for the present claims "we have to impose a broad and deep union democracy in every workplace, which is the task we have been ongoing for the CTA. And we must reaffirm the correctness and timeliness of the way we have been walking on the CTA, preventing it from being co-opted by the government and that enables us to address and curb overexploitation, job insecurity, the criminalization of protest. "
Kemp reported the dismissals and suspensions in the automotive industry, Airlines, and recalled the strike of June 8, 2012 called by the CTA that preceded the arrest on 20 November of that year.
He noted that “our people today faces attempted looting and environmental degradation, delivering Cerro Dragon monopolies Pan-American Energy, linked to this corrupt government. It's the same payment Repsol to welcome a new external debt with the IMF. “And said that against this government that pays the debt, “the workers we have to raise the slogan of non-payment of illegitimate debt."
He argued that "against the increase in poverty, with more than 2 million hungry kids, the danger of losing the job dismissals and suspensions, increase in unemployment is that the government gets the antipiquetes law."
Kemp reaffirmed the path of struggle day of March 12 of the CTA, which came together with the most important fight of the year was the teachers' strike , which has kept the attempt to install the crisis on the people, and that the fight peer is resolved not as bad as trying employers and the government through this struggle . And he called to make effective a plan of struggle with unemployment starting 36 h, active.
Vilma Ripoll, by the MST, paid homage to the martyrs of Chicago and claimed the struggles in the world. He said that after the arrest of 10 April we went out to face the strongest set of government and Cristina and the entire leadership of the system agree to make him pay for the capitalist crisis on working people, who all agree with the setting. And he said that's why its struggles continue forward while for substantive changes.

José Peralta , head of the bank , and on behalf of the CTA Capital, outlined the fight for the 8 hour day, now with job insecurity and adjustments have to keep fighting .
He denounced the anti-terrorism law “that deepens with the appointment of Berni and Milani, a genocidal “and antipiquetes law. And he claimed the strike April 10, a national strike of workers picketing included. And I said “we come from the CTA to reaffirm the fight, we will not leave the streets."
Peralta said that “we define ourselves as an anti-capitalist core, anti-imperialist, anti-bureaucratic and cut net class that allows us to call the unity of all workers in the struggle to achieve the goals." And said “today, from the CTA, I reaffirm the way of multispectral with 33 points reinvindicamos to solve problems and have a clear view of where we are going."

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