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Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Note - We reproduce below the recent call to support the struggles of the working class in Delhi capital region issued by the Forum of Solidarity Workers of India that we extracted from the web Signalfire and Long March Toward Communism we have translated into Spanish (With a Google translation into English):

From Maoist Revolution:
Appeal to all people and democratic and progressive organizations to uphold justice and support workers of Maruti Suzuki and other struggles of workers in Delhi and region in all possible ways.

Episodes often fatal accidents but rarely disclosed by the media, have been occurring almost daily in the industrial belt of Delhi city and region -provocando a growing labor unrest which is described by the media as a problem "law and order" and is approached by the police and state authorities with increased repression. The struggle of the workers of Maruti for over two and a half years ago and the brutal state-corporate repression that are being confronted is also an indicator of the latent discontent among the working class, which emanates directly from the neoliberal policy framework country.

Life on factory ships

The conditions of life and work and wage rules of the factories in the industrial belt of Delhi city and region are appalling to the point of being inhuman. Around the belt, working hours are long, the work is poor due to the contractual nature of employment, wages are extremely low and workers lack social security. The incidents of verbal abuse by employers and physical abuse by the "gatekeepers" are very common, and the workplace is tense due to the control of the porters and the police. Labor intensity is equally inhuman for example in Suzuki Maruti, a sophisticated vehicle is manufactured every 40-45 seconds (this is the speed of the conveyor belt in the process of assembly-line production is often increased without the knowledge, let alone consent, workers, and reduced during inspections), uninterrupted water to drink, go to the bathroom, etc., which is allowed to workers, an extremely short lunch break, hours extras of forced labor without paid by sickness or other permit requirements, and strict rules of salary deductions for being late even for a few seconds (See: -maruti-suzuki-Inglés-subtitles /).

Last year, a worker at Orient Craft died on the ship -while factory owners said that it was a heart attack, the workers said they were electrocuted ( ). In the same factory (in a separate section), two years ago, a worker was attacked by a pattern with large scissors, cutting arm ( Both incidents were followed by a violent labor unrest. One week (February 11, 2015) makes a worker Richa Global (Udyog Vihar) suffered a severe beating from the porters' I broke several bones and ribs, and is currently hospitalized. He had come to work ten minutes late and was forbidden to enter the factory, indicating that his contract had ended. By refusing to leave without compensation, was attacked knocking him unconscious. This event was also followed by extensive labor unrest. In all these incidents, the mainstream media reported only that "the workers caused riots", without informing the context whatsoever. If not sufficient everyday daily attacks against workers, workers who disagree are often threatened with lockouts (lockouts) illegal through which companies illegally terminate production, resulting mass dismissal of workers (

Similarly, the concept of prison-industrial complex is also being introduced in the country, where are occupationally exploits split inmates industrial production for profit ( Production within the prison walls lacks labor law, working hours are continuous and takes place brutal crackdown on dissenting voices.

Fight for unionization

In an organized fight against such atrocities and the wage revision attempt, workers in various industrial firms in Delhi city and region have tried to organize -however, these struggles are frustrated by terminations, threats and physical violence Sassy employers. The workers of Maruti Suzuki plant in Manesar, after more than a year of struggle, managed to obtain legal and constitutional right to organize. Despite all attempts by the corporation to thwart unionization, through threats and buying some prominent leaders, the Union of Maruti Suzuki (MSWU) was finally registered in March 2012 with the aim of safeguarding basic rights of workers and negotiate humane working conditions.

The story of the means of state-corporate communication on the

It is in this context that must be considered the episode of violence of July 18, 2012, he died a senior manager. The union has insisted that it was a deliberate attempt by the management of Maruti Suzuki, bringing thugs out, weaken the consolidation of the labor movement in the plant which was unifying both workers on permanent contracts as temporary contracts and serving other production plants of the industrial zone as an example. After the outbreak of violence (the reason has not yet been clarified by any research), Maruti Suzuki address not only a stroke terminated the contracts of 546 permanent employees (without any internal investigation process), but also fired unceremoniously around 200 apprentices and approximately 1,800 workers with temporary contracts. Under orders from the direction of Maruti, 147 workers were arrested by police Haryana including the most important leaders of the labor movement at the time, who was indicted on charges of fire and murder. Since then they have been rotting in the Central Prison Bhondsi near Gurgaon, despite the fact that some 100-125 were not even present at the scene when the violence erupted.

Maruti Suzuki workers have demanded an independent and impartial investigation into the incident on July 18, 2012, and the role played by the direction of the company on it. Meanwhile, workers who are rotting in prison have appealed to democratic forces defenders of the people to support them (see -union /) has not been granted bail despite severe personal needs of their families. They were even denied the paltry compensation in case of illness or death in the family. Many of them are suffering from diseases such as tuberculosis and hemorrhoids. Their families are experiencing social, emotional and financially since most of these workers were the ones that provided income for their families.

Continued and redoubled attacks against workers

Despite the recent attack on the working class in the form of reform of labor laws (which increase temporary contracts and job insecurity in the form of labor market flexibility, starting the democratic right to organize), policies pro-business of all political parties, and surrender to the neoliberal dictates of all state governments and central government, struggles for unionization, for better living conditions continue in various forms in different parts of the country. All this takes place in the context of the "Fabrica in India" campaign and slogan "Shramev Jayate" that are designed to look like Comoa for development and growth but actually go against the working class. These programs seek to attract foreign capital to organize production in India, with the lure of a highly subsidized energy resources and land, along with industrial belts where labor legislation is not binding. While continuing the movement of workers of Maruti against this injustice and exploitation, workers from various factories (Shriram Piston, Bajaj Motors, Minda group, Posco IDPC, Talbrose, Autofit, Baxter, Munjal Kiriu, Asti, and other) areas industrial from Gurgaon to Bawal also continue the fight against this regime joint exploitation by employers-administration-police. All these struggles and more in this area are facing repression, are beaten and arise again.

The courage and determination they have shown these struggles deserve our admiration and support. As progressive sector of society, defend the rights of workers, for dignity and justice.

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