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Sunday, March 01, 2015

In Kansas—What's in a name? Republicans care!

There is a new bill, dubbed House Bill 2234. This bill requires all public colleges and technical schools in the state to “adopt and implement, or require to be implemented, a policy and plan which prohibits an employee from providing or using such employee’s official title when authoring or contributing to a newspaper opinion column.”(
It would seem that conservative Republicans want to stop scientists and professors from putting their names on editorials and letters to the editor that might make them look stupid. So it prevents them from using their titles or credentials of any kind when they submit these opinions to a publication. 
This may be a reaction to the fact that about 90 percent of scientists believe in global warming and about 80 percent of conservative politicians holding office do not. Those professor type credentials just don't make the conservative Republicans look good. This new bill fixes that.
So we here at Otto's War Room (毛派) had to consider what we will do if this new law passes. We don't have a whole lot of people with doctorates or credentials here at the blog. Burt what will we do if an article comes in written by a Dr. or Prof.? What is a blog to do?
We have an answer! We have Dr. Derel Eck Tahlwen to answer for us. He has impressive credentials. He has written journal articles and books. he has credentials in political science, math, weather science and cooking.
If that new bill passes, we can get Dr. Tahlwen to sign important documents for us. Dr Tahlwen has a Ph.D. in philosophy. He has written two books, The dialectics of Tahlwenism and Tahlwenism for Beginners. He merges capitalist philosophy with ethics and developed mathematics of fascism. He has argued for legalized marijuana and yet he thinks they should ban alcohol, with the death penalty for those who sell it. His fist published paper, his Masters Thesis, was called That Which is Heavy Sinks. He coined the famous maxim; Κρατήστε σφιχτά το τέλος σας.
He is a middle of the road politician. For example he believes there is a problem with global warming, but the only solution he endorses is for people to stop cooking their food. He believes that if people do that, global warming will disappear in the next 20 years.
His credentials as a middle of the road centrist will help us since we are obviously left-wing here. That way we will look more conservative to Kansas Republicans and they are more likely to believe what we tell them.
He will also sell us the rights to put his name on articles he didn't write. If a professor writes an article for us, he sends it in and we want to use it because it contains actual research the professor did, we put Dr. Tahlwen's name on it. The doctor doesn't live in Kansas so it will be hard for the Kansas State police to find and arrest him. Since Dr. Tahlwen has a Ph.D. that will make the article look like it was done by a researched professional.
We may get harassed by the state of Kansas for breaking their new law, but none of the usual writers will have to worry about getting arrested. With all these new laws designed to stop freedom of speech, who knows what we will have to do to keep the right to say stuff that the Republicans don't want to listen to.

-សតិវ​អតុ (or should I say Dr. អតុ. Dr. Seuss got away with that for all these years.)


Anonymous said...

Bob Avakian is very serious.

Otto said...


Anonymous said...

Bob Avakian ,BA, is the chairman of the RCP USA. He has come up with a New Synthesis of Communism. It is a qualitatively higher stage in Communism, going beyond Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

You should study it very carefully.

There can be no revolution in the US without the leadership of Bob Avakian. Get with it!