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Sunday, March 01, 2015

Peru—The death of Comrade Nancy

On February 17, a political prisoner in Peru, Margi Clavo Peralta, otherwise known as Comrade Nancy, died. She was a high ranking member of the Communist Party of Peru (known in the press as Shining Path). Here is a excerpt from an article I received in my e-mail from Maoist Revolution:

Political and War Prisoners of the Communist Party of Peru, held a conference in the Miguel Castro, to our dear people and the public in general to say that:

1. On Tuesday February 17th has passed the Political Prisoner Margi Clavo Peralta.
The Margi companion, comrade Nancy, who from her youth became a member of the Communist Party of Peru, more than four decades ago. She decided to devote her life to the cause of the proletariat, the people and the Peruvian revolution serving it with all her heart and with absolute selflessness, being an active participant in the arduous struggle for the Reconstitution of PCP in the great epic of the people's war and in the fourth stage of political struggle of the Party; never stopped fighting persisted firm in its Marxist-Leninist-Maoist revolutionary convictions, Gonzalo Thought. And although he missed politically after the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo, Leadership of the Party and the Revolution, he knew bear with fortitude his public criticism and clearly distanced the right opportunist line of Block splitting, taking and defending with conviction the current fundamental policy Settlement Politics, General Amnesty and National Reconciliation. Margi gave up his studies in Electronic Engineering at the National Engineering University to devote herself completely to the interests of the class, the people and the Peruvian revolution for which she gave her life. As Chairman Mao ruled: "To die for the people is weightier than Mount Tai; serve the fascists and die for the exploiters and oppressors is lighter than a feather. "HER DEATH IS A WORTHY DEATH.
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